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[Shop] Christmas Gifts for Your Pets

You can have many friends, but your pet only has you. So during this special time of the year, I bought quite a bit of stuff to treat my English Spaniel. You can also click on this link to see the best deals on Amazon in the Pets category: [Link]

Meanwhile, here are some of my suggestions:

[Product Link]

Dental hygiene’s important guys, gotta brush teeth every day or you gonna be paying a crap ton in the future to cure dental diseases.

[Product Link]

So your hommie’s mouth doesn’t smell like a$$.

[Product Link]

Save that expensive a$$ trip to PetSmart or wherever you go to groom. Do it yourself. If it ugly, it okay, it won’t care cuz it’s already spayed or neutered

[Product Link]

It’s healthy to eat slow. Before buying this, my dog can finish her bowl before I pick up my chopstick

[Product Link]

So your car seat survives after a ride with your furry companion

[Product Link]

Can’t treat without treats. When you picking, just make sure you get the healthy ones rather than milk bones, bacon-flavored or crap like that. Most pets don’t care about taste, they will eat anything.

Aight, that is all, don’t forget to spend time with your fury/bald companion. Happy December!

Also, earnings report for Amazon royalty is shared at every end of month, but you can start commenting on which book you want us to release bonus chapters. If there’s no comment, then we will be doing AOTDD since I’m its translator.


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