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[Amazon] December Earnings and New Year Sales

Ayy, our December month has been great! In total, we reached shipped items revenue of $907 and earned $45.62, and it had all gone to paying the translators to do 1 HTK bonus and 1 AOTDD bonus which was released just in time for the holidays~

If you would like to contribute to the bonus chapters next month, you can click this link and then search whatever you want to buy: [Amazon Shopping Link]

Here are some of the big purchases made by our Noodletown citizens. A big thanks to whoever bought these items through our link!

[Product Link]

I watched the video in the product description and holy crap is this useful! I’ve purchased one for myself to grow mint to make drinks and sauces.

[Product Link]

Cutest thing I’ve seen all month, it can play and throw treats with your dog so I’m getting one to accompany my dog when I’m translating or not at home.

*Just make sure your dog isn’t the big mouth / ferocious-biter type or that’s 89$ down the drain.


[Product Link]

This is super neat, good purchase for dad or just yourself!

[Product Link]

Good New Years gift for your parents or elders~

[Product Link]

Extra battery will always come in handy. Smallest and lightest, and enough to charge 3.5 Iphone 8s and 2.5 Galaxy S8.


[HTK] Wednesday Release – Chapter 1200


[AOTDD] Thursday Release – Chapter 357


  1. Kishenkp

    Everything feels expensive…
    Well…. compared to Indian products.

    • noodletowntranslated

      haha yeah, but i guess in North America we are used to it

  2. Patrick

    can you give us an amazon link for europe, because a few hundred $ for shipping is bäää. Sry for my bad english.

    • noodletowntranslated

      ohhh thanks man!! I’m not sure how about you can try clicking the Amazon Shopping Link, and then at the address part where it shows “.com”, you change it to whichever country you are in.
      I think that will work but I’m not quite sure

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