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[HTK] Wednesday Release – Chapter 1258

Hey guys, here is the third release for this week! Enjoy!

We are just about 17 chapters away from the end, and it’s been a long and fulfilling journey, translating and sharing this great novel with all of you guys.

If you are thinking about getting early access through patreon and read to the ending right away, remember that you DO NOT have to select $50 (10 chaps ahead) or $100 (25 chaps ahead). You just need to select the $5 tier because we have filled up the folders of all HTK tiers to the ending.

On top of that, you can also read the first 15 chapters (unedited) of Udon’s (the guy that picked HTK) next novel in the same package. This special sale is just our way of expressing how much we really appreciate all of you for reading and supporting us.

Cheers, see you at the end of HTK!

[Link to Patreon]

Hail the King Chapter 1258.1

Hail the King Chapter 1258.2


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  1. Its sad seeing this come to an end

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