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[HTK] Ebook Version Online! (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

So we’ve finally edited the first couple hundred chapters and compiled them into ebook version. Our intention is just so that those that enjoy the novel and wish to have a digital copy can grab themselves a copy, so we picked the cheapest price we are allowed to set on Kindle, and that is $0.00 if you have Kindle Unlimited, or $0.99 if you don’t (which we take 35% of).

For those that are so kind and left a positive review, message us on [Patreon] and we will give one month of membership for free!

The quarantine period is tough to get through, so we hope our novels could make it a bit easier. Stay safe, and talk to you all soon!

Volume 1: [Amazon Link]

Volume 2: [Amazon Link]


[CTW] Friday Release – Chapter 61


[AOTDD] Monday Release – Chapter 474


  1. Love it!!!!! Thankssss

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