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[HTK] Ebook Volume 3-5 Out on Amazon!

The HTK ebook version’s volume 3-5 is now out! If you are already paying for Kindle Unlimited, all are free to read~ Regular price is just 0.99$, cheapest price we can set.

Amazon Link:
Amazon Link:
Amazon Link:

Again, our goal isn’t to make money but just to create an organized copy for our fans that had been following us on this 5+ year journey. All proceeds will go towards sponsoring our new translators that had been working on another new book that will be airing on this site soon~ 


[LFS] Saturday Release – Chapter 40


[LFS] Sunday Release – Chapter 41


  1. Thanks!!!!!

  2. Alixis Cole

    I wondering when is the last volume going to be released as it been over a year and I can’t fine volume 12 with the last 176 chapters on Amazon??

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