Hey everybody, here are the first AOTDD and BK releases for this week! We also started a new Modern Romance series called – A Marriage in Mistake: Sir, Please Control Yourself! We already released 40 chapters, so come check it out while waiting for other releases!

Author:  Qian Xiaoxuan (浅晓萱)

Chinese Title: 错嫁惊婚:总裁请克制

[Tag] Drama, Modern Romance, 18+

Synopsis: To ruin her reputation and divorce her without giving her a penny, her cheating husband got her drunk and left her in a hotel room with a strange man; under the effects of alcohol, she had a one-night stand with the rich businessman Long Sihao, who was the most eligible bachelor and the man in every woman’s dreams in the city. She took his virginity and he…

This story is a modern romance with a lot of face slapping, drama, and a lot of 18+ action, so you have all been warned!

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