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[AOTDD] Thursday Release – Chapter 787

Here’s the fourth release for this week!

AOTDD Chapter 787.1

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[AOTDD] Wednesday Release – Chapter 786


  1. Joker

    Are we going to see the Friday and Monday chapters today

  2. Stranger

    RIP noodles?

  3. Joker

    What happened to the chapters of AOTDD

  4. Suleyk

    I saw that they posted an update message on why they have been silent for the past week or so on patron. Could someone that’s a patron copy the post into a comment? Or noodletown could you make an update post on your website letting your fans that can’t afford patron know what is going on? Thank you in advanced!

    • Alsabov

      All i can saw was “Hi everybody, sorry for the radio silence for the past awhile. We will be pausing patreon for this month for AOTDD. Our translators and edito…”
      We will not have AOTDD for this month, at least.

  5. Desavi

    Noodletown you still know that free readers are your potential patrons right? Why there isn’t still free for all announcement what’s going on?? Don’t get me wrong I’m not hating but concerned.

  6. Desavi

    I’m sorry to say this but they don’t seem to care about free readers and that’s why blogs like this die when trouble rears its ugly head

  7. Kellen Heusinger

    Anyone know where else to read this since they seemed to have stopped translating?

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