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A Marriage in Mistake: Sir, Please Control Yourself Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Huo Family Anniversary Banquet

–   K City –

A grand banquet hosted by the Huo Family was being held at the Dihua International Hotel’s lobby. (TL Note: Dihua means Grand Emperor.)

The ladies who came to the banquet appeared to be even more attractive under the bright glittering lights.

Li Xiaoman was dressed in a beige evening gown with a one-shoulder crop. She held a glass of wine in her hand as she socialized with the other ladies present at the banquet. Though she carried a polite smile with her, her heart was full of sorrow.

The ladies here at this Huo Family Anniversary banquet all came for her.

There had been ongoing rumors about Li Xiaoman having affairs with various men, and almost everyone who came to the banquet saw her as the laughingstock of the Huo Family. Especially when her husband, Huo Yunxi, did not show up at this banquet, and she couldn’t even get in contact with him.

They hadn’t been in an intimate relationship since they got married, but she still carried hope for Huo Yunxi.

Li Xiaoman couldn’t allow the rumors to spread any further, and she couldn’t tolerate Huo Yunxi being seen as a cuckold in others’ eyes anymore. This would affect not only his reputation but also the reputation of the Huo Family.

“Mrs. Huo, I heard that you and Chen Chen, the new celebrity, had a date in Hawaii. I wonder if that is true?”

“Mrs. Huo, I don’t know if you read the newspaper yesterday, but someone claimed that they saw you walking out of a hotel with Mr. Liu, the CEO of AU Enterprise. There were even photos printed as evidence; how would you explain that?”

Hearing these false comments made Li Xiaoman feel frustrated and angry; she had never done the things they mentioned, yet she was being framed out of nowhere. She felt confused at the same time and wondered who had been creating these rumors to slander her.

Although puzzled, she knew she must clarify everything today.

Fortunately, she had prepared herself for this.

She bit her lower lip gently.

“Mrs. Wang and Mrs. He,” she replied as she looked at the two ladies who stood there mocking her. “I think it’s meaningless to answer your questions. It’s quite obvious that someone has been making these things up intentionally. If I try to explain any further, it may start to seem like I am making excuses. I’m really happy today because today is my birthday, and Yunxi couldn’t come to this banquet because he’s busy preparing a birthday party for just the two of us.”

Li Xiaoman kept biting on her lower lip as she made these things up and thought to herself, “Who wouldn’t wish that their beloved half could celebrate their birthday for them,”

Yet she could only imagine such things… since Yunxi had been treating her coldly.
Li Xiaoman tried to act more natural to hide her inner sorrows as she continued, “However, I’ll satisfy all your curiosities before celebrating my birthday with Yunxi today.

“Mrs. Wang, you mentioned that Chen Chen and I were on a date in Hawaii? I’m aware of that rumor; I think it was from last week and said that we were sunbathing on the beach together. The sunlight in Hawaii is very strong during this season. But take a look at my skin; it’s as white and pale as yours. How could I be sunbathing in Hawaii? If such a sunscreen exists, then the Wang Family, who ran a cosmetics company, must know about it. Why not tell everyone which sunscreen would have this effect?”

Mrs. Wang stood there at a loss for words since she could not find a comeback after having heard Li Xiaoman’s words.

Li Xiaoman smiled back at her gently and turned to Mrs. He as she continued, “Mrs. He, I’ve also read the newspaper you mentioned about CEO Liu and I walking out of a hotel, and I’ve seen the photograph. However, the photograph didn’t capture the woman’s face, correct? Her figure may seem very similar to mine, but I wonder if you noticed the ‘Angel of Star’ ring she wore. I recall that CEO Liu bought the ‘Angel of Star s’ a few days ago at a jewellery auction and put it on his wife’s finger in front of the media. It means that the woman with him was Mrs. Liu and not me. Mrs. He, I know that you’re not only a jewellery lover but also have a jewellery design company of your own. You should recognize that the diamond ring was designed by the Chief Jewellery Design Master Duo, right?”

After having heard this, Mrs. He became speechless like Mrs. Wang.  Li Xiaoman smiled after seeing the two freeze from her words.

“There has been a lot of fake news going on recently. Those people slandering me today might accuse you tomorrow. As women, we should all stand up for ourselves and oppose this kind of vulgar news together. To those who are willing to toast with me on this, we can become good sisters.”

As she finished, she raised her wine glass elegantly as she proposed a toast.

Having understood the situation, Mrs. Wang and Mrs. He raised their wine glasses and toasted her.

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