Chapter 10: Animals, Made For Each Other

“Ha… what is done by night appears by day. Li Xiaoman, can you say that you still have your chastity?” Xia Lin asked Li Xiaoman sarcastically. She walked a few steps closer towards Li Xiaoman with a sly smile on her face. “How was it? Were you satisfied with Yunxi’s gift for you last night?”

Xia Lin’s words brought back the hatred in Li Xiaoman’s heart.

Her bloodshot eyes narrowed and stared at Xia Lin with hatred. “So, you and Huo Yunxi planned last night?”

“Sister, don’t drag me into this. I had nothing to do with what happened last night. Yunxi planned it just for you, so he and I could be together. If you don’t believe me, you can go ask him.” Xia Lin smiled back at her. “Now that you know what’s going on between Yunxi and I, I’m sure he won’t hide it anymore. I pity you, Sister. Yunxi doesn’t love you; he even hated you. Yet, you were so dumb, being married to him and even remaining chaste for him. So, how did it feel last night? Did you enjoy it?”

“Last night?” Li Xiaoman gazed coldly at Xia Lin. “Of course I enjoyed it.”

Xia Lin was surprised by her answer, and she looked at Li Xiaoman with contempt. “You are so cheap, Sister.”

“But not as cheap as you,” Li Xiaoman replied. She looked at Xia Lin sharply with a sneering smile and continued, “People who are alike attract one another. To know the qualities of a man who cheats, you have to see the type of woman he cheats with. Thanks to you, Xia Lin, now I know what kind of a man Huo Yunxi is. You two are meant for each other, and I truly hope that you two can be together forever. No other people deserve you two, because no one else are animals like you.”

“You… You…” Xia Lin raised her finger at Li Xiaoman; she breathed heavily, and her face turned red from anger.

“B*tch, how dare you call us animals,” Xia Lin snarled at Li Xiaoman as she raised her hand.


It came so suddenly that Li Xiaoman couldn’t dodge it. Her face burned from Xia Lin’s slap, and she almost cried from the acute pain.

Yet, she raised her hand in the next moment and whipped it across Xia Lin’s face.

“Ow…” Xia Lin cried out loud and purposely fell to the ground as she saw Huo Yunxi walking out of the guest room.

Huo Yunxi approached Xia Lin quickly and kneeled beside her.

“Linlin…” he called out. Anger flashed across his eyes as he saw that half of Xia Lin’s face had swollen.

He sounded worried, “Did it hurt?”

Xia Lin bit her lower lip and covered her face. She held in her tears and looked as if she had been wronged. “Yun… Yunxi, I’m… I’m fine. Don’t blame her. She thinks I seduced you. She has the right to hit me since she’s your wife.”

Huo Yunxi’ face darkened, and his eyes were filled with anger.

He helped Xia Lin to stand up carefully and turned his gaze toward Li Xiaoman coldly. “How dare you slap her? Who gave you the guts? Li Xiaoman, apologize to Linlin right now. Or else, I won’t go easy on you.”

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