Chapter 100: Sir, Do I Know You?

Xia Lin tilted her head and looked at Huo Yunxi painfully with a frown. “I think our baby just kicked!”

Huo Yunxi’s frown deepened as he heard the word “baby” and looked at Xia Lin’s tummy gravely. All of a sudden, he wished that Li Xiaoman was the one who was pregnant with his baby.

Now Xia Lin and he could never be separated because of this baby.

Xia Lin saw Huo Yunxi’s frown and asked suspiciously, “Yunxi, what’s wrong? I’m a little bit tired, can you walk me back? I need some rest. It’s so hard to be pregnant.”

Huo Hunxi snapped out of his thoughts and came forward to help Xia Lin without showing any joy. It was his duty to help Xia Lin as a soon-to-be dad, but he certainly did not show any happiness.


Li Xiaoman strolled along the cobblestone road leisurely and enjoyed the smell of the fresh air.

Suddenly, she caught a quick glimpse of two people hugging in the corner of the park.

The man in the grey suit stood tall and fit like a grand sculpture while the woman in the white gown had a voluptuous body and smooth skin. Even though her face was not visible, she expressed an alluring elegance.

Li Xiaoman stared at the man’s back and found him familiar. She walked closer and realized the man was Long Sihao.

The sight made Li Xiaoman feel angry for some reason.

She stood there for a few seconds and then pretended to see nothing as she walked past Long Sihao.

As soon as she walked past beside him, Long Sihao pushed the woman away from him and then grabbed Li Xiaoman’s wrist.

Li Xiaoman looked at his big hand and then tilted her head to face Long Sihao as if he was a stranger. “Sir, can I help you?”

Long Sihao narrowed his eyes to gaze at her sharply with a robust look as he tightened his grip and closed his lips lightly. “Who picked your dress?”

Li Xiaoman tilted her eyebrows and squinted her eyes as she brushed away his hand on her wrist and said unemotionally, “Sir, do I know you? I don’t think it’s any of your business who picked my dress!”

She finished talking, gave a glance at Long Sihao, and then walked away toward the lobby.

The woman beside Long Sihao looked at Li Xiaoman’s back confusedly with astonishment, and then she turned to Long Sihao and pursed her lips in a displeasing manner. “Brother Sihao, who is she?”

Long Sihao squinted his eyes and closed his lips while he kept his silence and gazed at Li Xiaoman’s sexy back and smooth skin. Her skirt fluttered with every step she took and revealed her seductive ankles.

There were more and more guests in the bright and spacious banquet hall enjoying the upbeat music and conversations.

The charming servers catered around with wines and food.

Some gentlemen approached Li Xiaoman and chatted her up as soon as she got back to the banquet hall.

She smiled politely as she talked to them, and then excused herself to search for Lin Momo.

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