Chapter 102: You’re a womanizer

Long Sihao lowered his dark eyes which had an irresistible attraction. At the moment, his eyes flared with flames.

He lifted her chin with his long white finger and pressed his lips into a thin line. “Why do you think I’m playing with you? Who picked this dress for you?”

His burning gaze turned back on her body. Her graceful figure, sexy collarbones, slender neck, and silky skin added a sense of sensuality and femininity to her.

His dark eyes flashed with fascination and his stare gleamed. He leaned down and said in a low and husky voice, “Wearing something like this, are you going to draw everyone’s attention? Hmm?”

Due to his approach, his scent was lingering around her nose. Li Xiaoman’s ears felt numb and her lashes shivered. She felt really uncomfortable and blushed as inexplicable anger burst out of her chest.

Narrowing her bright eyes, she pushed him away and glared at him with anger. Her soft voice was full of rage. “So what? I do want to draw everyone’s attention.  It’s none of your business!”

Long Sihao saw that she became angry, and he narrowed his dark eyes. His gaze was intense. “You are mad.”

He said it as a statement instead of a question.

Li Xiaoman raised her chin and narrowed her eyes. “I’m angry, what’s wrong? I am a human being and I have feelings. Of course, I got mad. I always thought you were different. It turns out that you are such a shameless assh*le and womanizer.”

Because of her words, Long Sihao narrowed his dark eyes. He gazed at her angry blushed face, and a light smile touched his eyes and softened his face.

He leaned forward, lifting her delicate chin with his long finger. His lips curled. “Xiaoxiao, are you still mad at what happened in the garden?”

His low voice bore a hint of joy.

“Who said I was mad at what happened in the garden…” Li Xiaoman looked up and met Long Sihao’s deep dark eyes. They were like a mysterious and magic dark hole, with only one glance, she was lost in there.

Refusing to be drawn into his penetrating gaze, Li Xiaoman looked away and said indifferently, “I was not mad about it, but what the hell’s that all about you hitting on girls wherever you go? You…I mean…”

Seeing Long Sihao’s dark eyes lit up and with a smile, she suddenly stopped. She opened her mouth but didn’t know how to explain.

What did she just say! She must be out of her mind to say such things to Long Sihao.

It was none of her business whom he hit on as long as he left her alone.

She stared at him impassively, and said in an indifferent tone , “I don’t like to be with strangers. Please, leave me alone in the future!”

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