Chapter 103: You hit on me first

Then she turned around and headed to the door to leave as Long Sihao’s deep voice came from behind her.

“Xiaoxiao, in fact, it was you who hit on me first.”

Hearing Long Sihao’s words, Li Xiaoman paused and turned back to stare at him. “So what? It was just one night…”

Li Xiaoman spat out the word “stand” unwillingly from her clenched teeth, and then narrowed her eyes. “Nowadays, one-night stands are very common. I believe, with your social status, you must sleep with more than one woman…”

“Li Xiaoman…” Long Sihao yelled, not letting Li Xiaoman finish. His lips tightened into a thin line and his face became cold and distant.

Li Xiaoman glanced at him and left without another word. Long Sihao stepped forward and grabbed her wrist. He forced her to face him with one hand around her waist, and brought her into his arms. Then he bent down his head and covered her lips with his.

“Um… Long Sihao… Let go… Hmm… Let go of me…”. Li Xiaoman was stunned by his action and then hit his chest with her fists, struggling to escape.

Long Sihao didn’t give her any chance to get away and clenched his arms to hold her tighter and kissed her pink lips.

Li Xiaoman’s entire body shook; she wanted to push him away, but her strength suddenly disappeared. She felt limp.

“Hmm… Long Sihao… Let… Let go of me…”. She hit him on the chest helplessly and tears began pooling in her eyes, wetting her lashes.

“Xiaoxiao, I can’t let go.” Long Sihao’s voice was husky and seductive. His deep eyes flared with passion and revealed a slight trace of impatience.

Suddenly, he clenched around her waist and lifted her as he strode towards the bed.

He put her on the bed and took off his tie and jacket. He leaned over and pressed against her.

His weight snapped her back to her senses. She pushed at  him in panic. “Long Sihao, what… what are you doing? Get up…”

Her voice became huskier uncontrollably and her beautiful face blushed.

“Xiaoxiao…” Long Sihao’s voice was husky and seductive. The fire in his eyes was hot enough to burn her into ashes.

Her body shivered as his kiss became more and more passionate. Her heart melted and her eyes were blinded by tears condensing on her long lashes.

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