Chapter 104 Young Master Long, you lost your chastity

She was extremely attractive at the moment, which made Long Sihao feel it was even more difficult to control himself.

Their breaths quickened and intertwined into an ambiguous melody titillating their hearts.

Li Xiaoman snapped back to her senses and stared at him with watery eyes as she shook her head lightly. “No… Long Sihao, we can’t…”

Although they had had intimate contact with him when she was drugged, she couldn’t do it while she was sober. She couldn’t cross the line.

Long Sihao’s passionate gaze locked on her revealing undeniable desire, and he pressed his lips into a thin line. He said in a low and husky voice, “You really don’t want it?”

Li Xiaoman looked away avoiding his burning gaze, as she frowned and said impassively, “I’m sorry, but I don’t want it.”

The words “ I don’t want it”, like a basin of cold water, gradually dampened his desire.

A trace of pain and struggle flashed across his dark eyes. In a minute, he sat up and stared at her and smiled wryly. His voice lowered a little bit and said, “I won’t force you.”

There was a trace of bitterness in his low deep voice. Li Xiaoman frowned, afraid to look at him, as she sat up and started to straighten her dress. Inadvertently, she saw her neckline, and her face turned hot.

Long Sihao glanced at her and handed her a Chanel bag from the nightstand. “Go change your dress!”

Peeking at the bag in his hand, Li Xiaoman looked up at his dark eyes. The coldness and darkness in his eyes made her heart hurt like pins and needles.

She frowned and took the bag from him and squeezed it. Somehow she had become used to his soft “without-any-coldness” gaze.

His unusual coldness was unreadable. She felt like she had never really understood him.

As she got out of bed and headed to the bathroom, the door suddenly opened, and two men stepped in, one in white and the other blue.

One of them was the birthday boy Ling Hanye, the young master of the Ling Cooperation. He was very good-looking with brown eyes and pale skin. He wore a casual blue suit together with a white Armani T-shirt, looking elegant.

The other had a slender figure, short hair, silky skin, and a soft face features. He wore a casual white Burberry suit and a Patek Philippe on his left wrist. This elegant and gentle young man was Su Yi.

Li Xiaoman had met them in Victor Restaurant, therefore, she recognized them immediately as they stepped in.

Ling Hanye narrowed his brown eyes and glanced at the messy bed. Then he turned to look at Long Sihao and Li Xiaoman who were messily dressed. He lifted his lips to a wicked smile and mocked, “Young Master Long, it seems you’ve lost your chastity. Is it a bad time?

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