Chapter 106: You Must Change Out of the Dress Because It Looks Great

“Oh! Alright,” she replied belatedly. When she looked up, she saw Long Sihao was standing in front of her, his deep, dark eyes looking at her intently with an air of dissatisfaction.

Feeling uneasy beneath his gaze, she reached out and stroked his face, raising her eyebrows. “What’s wrong? Is there something on my face?”

Long Sihao’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he leaned in towards her until his lips were next to her ear, and said in a deep voice, “From now on, you’re not allowed to look at other men in front of me for longer than three seconds.

“Ah…”  Li Xiaoman didn’t react for a moment. She looked at him wide-eyed in stupfaction.

Seeing her dazed look, his lips upturned into a grin.  He lowered his head and planted a kiss on her lips gently. “Go change first. If you need anything, call me.”

After saying this, he then quickly and gracefully got dressed in front of her, then turned to leave.

When he put on his clothes, Li Xiaoman kept her head down in imbarrassment. When he headed to the door, she blurted out,  “Why are you making me change out of this dress? Are you implying that I don’t look good in it?”

Long Sihao halted, turned around, and locked onto her with his deep, dark eyes. He grinned, and said with his deep voice, “It looks very nice,  and that’s why you must change out of it.”

Li Xiaoman looked at him stunned. Thinking about what he said until his handsome figure completely disappeared from sight, she finally closed the door and turned around to go to the bathroom.

After Long Sihao emerged from the room, he went directly to Ling Hanye’s room.

As soon as he entered, he was under attack. A sharp dagger flew across the room, aimed directly at his throat.

His dark eyes flashed and his handsome face was calm and bore no trace of fear. He moved slightly off to one side, easily ducking the attack.

That sharp-bladed dagger lodged itself into the door.

Long Sihao’s deep eyes narrowed slightly, quickly scanning the surprised expressions of the four people in the room. Striding towards the leather sofa, he majestically sat down.


The applause was from Ling Hanye, who was playing with a dagger. He had thrown the knife at Long Shihao.

His brown eyes narrowed admiringly as he looked at Long Sihao with a mischievous grin. “The worthy Young Master Long! You’re getting better and better. Not even a surprise attack can foil you.”

Lorry raised his eyebrows and looked at Long Sihao with adoration, making an OK gesture with his fingers. “Of course, our boss is ranked number one in all of Europe.”


He hadn’t finished speaking, when a woman wearing a dress with a plunging V-neckline, who had been seated next to Ling Hanye, threw herself at Long Sihao. She wound her slender, white arms around his neck, and her charming, brown eyes were full of affection. Her fire-red lips parted as she said flirtatiously, “Sihao… you’re amazing! I’m falling more and more in love with you. What about you? Do you love me?”

Long Sihao’s deep eyes narrowed slightly as he stared at the flirtatious woman in his arms. His face was indifferent, and his lips slightly pursed. He replied coldly, “No, I don’t love you.”

“Oh… Sihao, you hurt me. You’re always so blunt, but on the other hand, I like that you’re so blunt. You have such a personality!”

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