Chapter 107: Girls Should Be Gentle

Long Sihao’s deep eyes narrowed slightly, and with a dull gaze, he stared at the flirtatious woman in his arms. His face was indifferent, and his lips were slightly pursed. Without emotion, he replied, “No, I don’t love you.”

“Oh… Sihao, you hurt me. You’re always so blunt, but on the other hand, I like that you’re so blunt. You have such a personality!” The flirtatious woman frowned, then immediately raised her exquisite chin, and a smile spread across her charming face.

Long Sihao glanced at her indifferently as he pried the woman’s hands from his neck. He glanced around the three men in the room and pursed his lips. “What’s up?”

Su Yi, who was sitting across from him, turned to look at him, his delicate eyebrows knitted with a faint trace of worry. “Sihao, we have been notified that Doris has been released on bail from Arca Prison. Knowing how he works, I think he will be out for revenge. There’s a strong possibility that he will come to K City to look for you in person, but he might also send somebody else to do the job.”

A fierce expression flashed in Long Sihao’s eyes. With an intimidating look and a grim smile, he said, “I hope he does come himself. That way, I can send him straight to hell.”

The woman sitting beside him wrapped her arms around his neck again and pressed herself against him, her brown eyes staring at him with concern. “Sihao, if Doris comes to K City to find you, that means you’ll be in danger. How about I stay by your side twenty-four hours to protect you?”

Lorry raised his eyebrows and looked at the woman with her hands wrapped around Sihao’s neck. He reached out and pulled her away from Sihao. Smiling handsomely, he said, “Miss Dinah, there’s no need, the President will be under my protection. It would be better if you were to just rest. If Miss Dinah were to protect the President, then he would run the risk of you forcing yourself upon him. ”

Dinah glared at Lorry angrily and without hesitation replied, “What’s wrong with forcing myself upon him? You wait and see, before long I will become Mrs. President.”

Lorry raised his eyebrows and smiled at Dinah. “Miss Ling Dinah, I must say that I’ve never met anyone who’s skin is so… so…”

Dinah’s brown eyes narrowed as she glanced over with a severe look at Lorry. She rubbed her wrists and smiled menacingly. “Keep talking, what is it you wanted to say about my skin?”

Ling Hanye’s charming brown eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at his younger sister, Ling Dinah. He grinned and said, “That’s enough, Dinah. Sihao is already interested in someone else, so you should just give up. There are plenty of good men in the world besides Sihao. I will help you find one when the time comes.”

With this, Ling Dinah squinted her brown eyes at her brother, Ling Hanye, and asked bitterly, “Brother, who does Sihao like? I’ll kill her right now.”

Lorry shivered, crossing his arms tightly. He raised his eyebrows and glared at Ling Dinah. “Geez! Miss Dinah, you are so aggressive, the smallest thing makes you want to kill someone. How could the President like you? A lady should be gentle and kind.”

“Lorry, you talk too much. I’ll kill you first.”

Just as Ling Dinah was throwing a kick at Lorry, Long Sihao stood up from the sofa and looked indifferently at Ling Hanye. Pursing his thin lips, he said, “If there’s nothing important, it is best not to call on me.”

Saying this, he walked directly out of the room.

Seeing this, Ling Hanye drew back the corners of his mouth and squinted his brown eyes. He glared after the departing shadow, shouting: “It’s a matter of life and death! Your life! If this isn’t important, what is?”

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