Chapter 108. I Don’t Have A Bitch As My Sister

“Sihao…” Ling Dinah pinched her eyebrows and looked upset when Long Sihao left, but then she suddenly thought of something. She turned and stared at her brother Ling Hanye as she said bluntly, “Could you get me some drugs, Brother? Sihao will have to take responsibility once we sleep together, when what’s been done cannot be undone.”

Lorry’s lips twitched when he heard Ling Dinah’s words and raised his thumbs up as he smiled brightly and said, “Miss Dinah, great idea. I wish you success but also don’t be too sad if the plan fails, considering that you have failed two-hundred-and-forty-nine times already. One more failure will make it exactly two-hundred-and-fifty*, which perfectly describes your IQ Miss Dinah.”

*To say someone’s IQ equals to the number ‘two-hundred-and-fifty’ is to call them idiots.

“Damn you Lorry!” Ling Dinah stomped her foot as she grabbed the dagger from Ling Hanye’s hand and threw it in Lorry’s direction.

Lorry ducked immediately and narrowed his eyes as he said, “Miss Dinah, are you serious?”

Ling Dinah glanced at him and raised her chin up as she said, “Whatever, I’m going to look for Sihao now.”


The light from the setting sun painted the sky a dim yellow color, and it was starting to get darker as the banquet went on.

By then, Li Xiaoman had switched to the nightgown Long Sihao had prepared for her.

It was a turquoise strapless dress which accentuated her body curves, and her long curly hair was tied up into a bun with a few strands falling down naturally, which added charm to her elegance.

Her complexion was fair and smooth, and her facial features were attractive enough even though she didn’t have any makeup; she was elegant and innocent like a pure white lily.

LI Xiaoman was afraid that something had happened to Lin Momo as the latter didn’t answer her phone calls, so she exited the banquet hall and started to look for Lin Momo in the garden.

Li Xiaoman followed the stoney path she had walked on before as her eyes scanned the surroundings for Lin Momo.

There were many couples strolling in the garden but she didn’t see Lin Momo.

She pinched her eyebrows together in frustration; they had come together but ever since she was pulled away by Huo Yunxi, Lin Momo had disappeared from her sight. Where did she go?

“Sister, what a coincidence to see you here!”

The voice that came from behind Li Xiaoman sounded familiar but it was the last voice that she  wanted to hear. Li Xiaoman squinted her eyes as she turned around, and she was right that it was Xia Lin, who was alone without Huo Yunxi’s company.

Xia Lin saw that Li Xiaoman had switched to another dress so she squinted her eyes and scanned Li Xiaoman from head to toe before approaching her. “Sister,” she said with mockery, “How come you changed your dress? This dress is much more conservative than the previous one, so how would you seduce men with it?”

Li Xiaoman always treated others with kindness, but it was hard to be kind towards someone who was as scheming as Xia Lin.

Li Xiaoman’s eyes narrowed and looked down on her as she curled her lips and said in a cold tone, “It’s my business to wear whichever dress I want and you have no say in that. Also, don’t ever call me sister again because I don’t want to be a bitch’s sister.”

“You…” Xia Lin’s face flushed red from anger as she clenched her fists together, and she stared at Li Xiaoman angrily as she said, “Li Xiaoman, you’re so shameless. How long is it going to be until you let go of Yunxi? He doesn’t love you anyway, so why won’t you divorce with him?”

Li Xiaoman stared back at Xia Lin coldly and sneered as she said, “Haha… You really can’t see it clearly? Is it me not letting go or is it Huo Yunxi who’s not willing to sign the divorce paper?”

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