Chapter 109: Tricks, Self-directed Drama

Xia Lin clenched her fist with hatred as a trace of cruelty flashed across her eyes, and she curled her lips slyly as she approached Li Xiaoman and whispered, “Li Xiaoman, don’t be too proud. Yunxi doesn’t love you and one day he’s going to divorce you.”

Li Xiaoman glanced at her coldly and curled her lips as she said, “That would be the best case. Since he loves you this much, he definitely listens to you. So please tell him to divorce me, I’ll thank you for that.”

Xia Lin clenched her fists so tightly that her nails dug deep into her palm when she saw that Li Xiaoman wasn’t upset by her words, but she still didn’t believe that Li Xiaoman didn’t care for Huo Yunxi anymore.

Xia Lin wanted Li Xiaoman to be miserable and to lose completely.

“Stop pretending Li Xiaoman, I don’t believe that you don’t care for Yunxi anymore! You still love him, don’t you? Or else you wouldn’t be stalking him around.”

Li Xiaoman’s eyes narrowed and glanced at Xia Lin coldly. She didn’t want to bother to speak with Xia Lin again because her and Huo Yunxi were the same type of people; they were both arrogant and only lived in their own worlds. No wonder they were together, and how could they not be when both of them were bastards?

Li Xiaoman didn’t bother to reply as she turned around and left.

Xia Lin squinted her eyes having seen Li Xiaoman treat her like this and dialed a number on her cellphone. “Go as planned,” she said as hung up the phone and chased after Li Xiaoman shouting, “Sister, wait for me, sister…”

LI Xiaoman narrowed her eyes and paused a bit when she heard Xia Lin, but she didn’t turn back and continued to walk away instead.

Having seen this, Xia Lin smirked and shouted again, “Sister, wait for me…”

She threw herself towards Li Xiaoman as she shouted and grabbed Li Xiaoman’s arm.

“Let go!” Li Xiaoman was surprised by Xia Lin as she flickered her arms out of reflex, and to her surprise, Xia Lin screamed and fell to the ground.


Xia Lin’s high-pitch scream attracted attention from the other guests in the garden, and they started to head towards her out of curiosity.

Judging from the scene where Xia Lin had fallen to the ground while Li Xiaoman stood beside her, it was easy to conclude that Li Xiaoman had pushed Xia Lin to the ground.

Xia Lin saw that she had gathered enough attention from the fall, so she started to tear up and pretend to be wronged by Li Xiaoman.

“Sister… Please listen to me… Please, sister…”

Li Xiaoman narrowed her eyes and stared at her coldly wondering what tricks she was pulling this time.

She curled her lips having seen that more guests gathered around them and said, “Xia Lin, I don’t have the time to be in your self-directed drama. You can keep pretending, and I’m going to go now.”

Li Xiaoman was about to walk away but Xia Lin grabbed onto her legs and bawled, “Sister… Would you please let us live?”

Xia Lin’s action attracted even more people, and especially the reporters who were hunting for the next day’s headline. Having seen this scene, they rushed over in excitement to capture the scene with cameras.

Although Li Xiaoman didn’t understand what Xia Lin was talking about, she knew that Xia Lin was pulling tricks again.

Her gaze turned colder as she stared at Xia Lin who were grabbing her legs and said in an icy cold voice, “Let go.”

Li Xiaoman was about to pull her legs away from Xia Lin’s arms but Xia Lin let out a loud scream before she even moved. Xia Lin screamed as she fell back onto the ground in agony, she looked like she was in great pain as her hands covered her flat abdomen and her eyebrows pinched tightly together.

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