Chapter 11: Never Forgive Him

Li Xiaoman felt hopeless after hearing what Huo Yunxi said.

She now saw the real side of Huo Yunxi. He was a complete jerk.

She met his angry eyes and said with a smirk, “You want me to apologize to her? Impossible!”

When Huo Yunxi saw that she refused to apologize, his face became livid, and the way he looked at her revealed his desire to cut her a thousand times.

He let go of Xia Lin, approached Li Xiaoman, and said coldly, “I’ll repeat myself one more time, apologize now!”

Even though his face was livid and scary, Li Xiaoman faced his anger without showing any fear. She said to him sharply, “There is a difference between animals and humans. I will repeat myself one last time; I will never lower myself to apologize to an animal.”

Huo Yunxi looked at her furiously. “You… How dare you say that Linlin is an animal?”

Li Xiaoman looked at Huo Yunxi contemptuously with cold eyes as she said with a sneering laugh, “Aren’t those who have sex in the public places like rutting animals? She is an animal, and so are you.”

Slap! Huo Yunxi looked at her furiously, raised his hand, and slapped her.


He slapped with a blunt force that rattled Li Xiaoman and sent her to the floor.

Her face was always pale, but now her cheek was red and swollen after that slap. The imprint of the five fingers was clearly visible on her face, tingling with a burning sensation and excruciating agony.

She thought she wouldn’t feel any more pain in her heart as it was already shattered.

However, she still felt the pain, a sort of pain that spread throughout her whole body. It was as if someone had used a hammer to pound her heart and her bones.

She bit her lower lip hard and tried not to make a sobbing sound. She would not lose her dignity.

Huo Yunxi. She would never forgive him, never!

He didn’t need her forgiveness, and he didn’t deserve it.

Huo Yunxi looked at Li Xiaoman who was still on the floor and said angrily, “You asked for it.”

Xia Lin saw this and revealed a satisfied smile. She raised her head and looked at Huo Yunxi, whose face was still scrunched in anger. “Yunxi, I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have gotten involved in your marriage with Sister. I shouldn’t have been here, and I shouldn’t have fallen in love with you. I deserve to die.”

Xia Lin cried as she finished her speech; then she raised her hand and made to hit herself.

“Linlin, what are you doing?” Huo Yunxi saw that Xia Lin was about to slap herself. He immediately grabbed her wrist and stopped her. He looked at her sympathetically and said, “It’s not your fault.”

Xia Lin looked at Li Xiaoman who was still on the floor, raised her head, and said to Huo Yunxi, “Yunxi, I shouldn’t have come back with you today.”

Huo Yunxi looked at her affectionately. “Go and wait for me in the room. I’ll be right there with you.”

Xia Lin looked at him and nodded; then she picked up her clothes and went upstairs with a satisfied look.

After Xia Lin went upstairs, Huo Yunxi looked at Li Xiaoman coldly and warned her, “Li Xiaoman, if you ever raise your hand at Xia Lin again, it will not just be a simple slap next time!”

“Haha…” After hearing his words, Li Xiaoman smiled coldly and made a sound of half crying and half laughing. Then, she slowly stood up.

She met his angry gaze. There was no more love or affection in her eyes, only hatred and anger.

“Huo Yunxi, did you get me drunk on purpose last night?”

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