Chapter 110: Shock, Xia Lin’s Pregnant

“My abdomen… It hurts so much… My abdomen hurts… Sister, how could you be so cruel? Why did you have to separate Yunxi and me? Why can’t you let our baby live? Do you want to kill our baby? How could you be so vicious?”

The guests at the scene focused their attention onto Li Xiaoman after they had heard Xia Lin’s cry, and they stared at Li Xiaoman as if she was the bad person here.

Meanwhile, Li Xiaoman narrowed her eyes as she stared at Xia Lin in shock. “What did you say? You’re pregnant with Yunxi’s baby?”

She thought she was over Huo Yunxi, but knowing that Xia Lin was pregnant with Huo Yunxi’s child, Li Xiaoman’s heart still hurt. “…………”

Xia Lin cried as she stared at Li Xiaoman and covered her abdomen as she kneeled onto the ground. “Sister…” Xia Lin cried as she bowed her head to the ground, “I know you hate me because I destroyed your family, but… Yunxi loves me, and you forced him to marry you and forced me to leave. It was you who broke our happiness first, but I don’t blame you for that. However the baby is innocent, so I beg you to not hurt him, don’t hurt our child, please. Sister, I’m begging you.”

The guests around them stared at Li Xiaoman with disdain having heard Xia Lin’s words and took her as the vicious woman who separated Xia Lin and Huo Yunxi.

A lady walked forward trying to lift Xia Lin up. “Women who are pregnant shouldn’t kneel like this; you might  have a miscarriage like this. Get up.”

“Ya! Hurry and get up, pregnant women can’t kneel.” Another kind guest approached Xia Lin to help her up.

However, Xia Lin insisted on kneeling and stared at Li Xiaoman with tears in her eyes; she looked like she was greatly wronged by Li Xiaoman. “……”

“I’m not going to get up. I’m not getting up unless she agrees to let my baby live… Sister, I’m begging you, please let us go.”

Xia Lin started to cry and kowtowed again.

More and more guests were attracted to the scene, and even those who were in the lobby had come out to the garden to watch the drama.

Not only were guests attracted to the scene, but also reporters who were invited to the banquet.

Li Xiaoman saw that there were more and more people gathering, and she didn’t want to be part of Xia Lin’s self-directed drama anymore. She was about to leave but was blocked by a reporter who rushed towards her.

The reporter seemed to recognize her as he pointed at her and said, “I know who you are, you’re CEO Huo’s wife, Li Xiaoman! I heard that you went between your half sister and her fiancé who is now your husband! Was it true that you threatened to end your life so that her fiancé would marry you instead?”

The crowd gasped at the reporter’s words and some stared at Li Xiaoman with shock, mockery or disdain. The other reporters immediately surrounded Li Xiaoman.

“Mrs. Huo, was it true that you threatened to kill yourself so that your half sister’s fiancé would marry you instead?”

“Mrs. Huo, what are you going to do now that your sister’s pregnant? Did you really want to hurt both of them?”

“Are you planning to divorce with CEO Huo, or force him to choose between you and your sister? Who do you think he will pick? Your sister or you?”

“How did you find out that your sister was pregnant with your husband CEO Huo’s child?”

“Mrs. Huo, there are rumors that you’ve been on bad terms with CEO Huo after you two married. Is this true?”

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