Chapter 111: Ha, The Wife Becomes The Other Woman!

The reporters posed sharp questions one by one, and all their eyes were on Li Xiaoman. However, she didn’t show a trace of fear on her face as she sneered at Xia Lin contemptuously. So this is your stupid game? To play a victim and make everyone think that I was the one who broke up your love relationship with Huo Yunxi?  Haha… the righteous wife becomes the other woman… Xia Lin, you’re good at this!

She kept her silence and ignored all the questions from the reporters while she stood there nonchalantly as if she had nothing to do with this drama.

Where is our hero in this play? Huo Yunxi, this is your moment to shine!

Xia Lin must have prepared an excellent monologue for Huo Yunxi!

She glanced around unemotionally and spotted Huo Yunxi coming over.

Huo Yunxi frowned with a cold gaze and walked hurriedly toward them with Lei Yang.

As soon as the reporters saw Huo Yunxi, they quickly surrounded him.

“President Huo, did you marry your wife a year ago because she threatened to kill herself?”

“President Huo, is that why you and your wife don’t have a good relationship? Because she forced you to marry her?”

“Your wife’s sister is pregnant with your baby, are you gonna get a divorce and marry your sister-in-law?”

Huo Yunxi didn’t address any reporters. He saw Li Xiaoman standing quietly with a stern face and was about to walk to her and ask what was going on. Then he heard Xia Lin’s voice.

“Yunxi… you finally came! Xiaoman… Xiaoman knows that I’m pregnant, and she said she’s going to kill us… my stomach… it hurts… it hurts so much…”

Huo Yunxi looked at Xia Lin sitting on the ground, covering her tummy painfully with a pitiful look.

He stopped hesitantly, wondering whether he should walk to Li Xiaoman or Xia Lin.

He stared at Li Xiaoman again and saw her standing quietly with a cold gaze as he kept his eyes on her and feeling a complicated emotion rising from his heart.

Then, he looked at Xia Lin again as she still sat on the ground with tears all over her pale face miserably. She is pregnant with my baby. 

I don’t know who I should choose… Li Xiaoman or Xia Lin…

He clenched his fists and looked at Li Xiaoman again with his cold eyes that revealed a trace of hesitation and indecisiveness.

Lei Yang reminded Huo Yunxi with a quiet voice as he saw how Huo Yunxi kept his eyes at Li Xiaoman. “Yunxi, what are you doing? Go and help Xia Lin up! She is pregnant with your baby! Did you forget that there are so many reporters here? You don’t want to abandon Xia Lin and become an irresponsible dad!”

Huo Yunxi clenched his fists tightly with a trace of complicated feelings in his eyes as he heard what Lei Yang said, but he finally turned around and walked toward Xia Lin.

Xia Lin smiled secretly in satisfaction as she saw Huo Yunxi walking toward her. I win! He chose me! 

Li Xiaoman was not surprised by Huo Hunxi’s choice as she had already expected it, but she still felt heartbroken even though she had put up this straight face.

It was not about her feelings toward him; it was more about how he could completely disregard her in front of so many people. After all, they were still legally married and yet, he chose the other woman.

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