Chapter 112: Bitch! What’s Up With You?

Huo Yunxi had chosen Xia Lin and sent the message to the reporters that Li Xiaoman was the other woman.

It also meant that the rumor was true; Li Xiaoman had forced Huo Yunxi into marrying her with the threat of killing herself.

The reporters stopped asking questions as they’ve gotten their story.

Li Xiaoman was the person who had ruined the love relationship between her sister and Huo Yunxi.

Li Xiaoman was the righteous one. She was the victim of this unfaithful marriage when her husband cheated on her with her sister, and they even had a baby together. However, now she had become the crazy woman who had forced her husband into marrying her. Moreover, she was trying to kill her sister’s baby.

All the guests started to gossip about this scandal. They talked sympathetically about how poor Xia Lin was and how shameless Li Xiaoman had been to break up her sister’s love relationship.

The cruel comments and spiteful remarks were everywhere and although Li Xiaoman tried to put on a stern face as if she was unfazed by this ridiculous circus show, evidently she was troubled and hurt by these malicious attacks.

She looked ahead into the void with her cold gaze and then suddenly caught a glimpse of a familiar face.

She saw a man hurriedly walking toward her, and she recognized him immediately; it was Long Sihao. His eyes narrowed and gave a trace of killing intent while his handsome but scary look resembled a cold-blooded assassin.

He rushed toward Li Xiaoman with a worried look as he felt her pain and wanted to protect her at once.

Lorry, Ling Hanye, Suyi, Ling Dinah, and Lin Momo all followed behind Long Sihao.

Lorry saw how fast Long Sihao was walking toward her. “Boss, slow down! Those reporters are not gonna eat Miss Li!”

Ling Dinah looked at Long Sihao’s back, frowned, and said with a displeasing voice, “Why is Brother Sihao so hurried? That woman is not his wife!”

Ling Hanye and Su Yi heard her and exchanged a look but didn’t say anything.

As Long Sihao was about to break into the circle of reporters and take Li Xiaoman away, Ling Hanye and Su Yi pulled him back together.

“Sihao, calm down! Don’t forget that she’s still your sister-in-law. If you get involved now, the reporters might make more stories out of it and put Li Xiaoman in a worse situation. Even if you can stop the press, you can’t stop the guests gossiping,” Ling Hanye looked serious and said with a low voice that could only be heard by Long Sihao.

Suyi also frowned at Long Sihao and said quietly, “Sihao, Hanye is right! It’s not good for you to get involved. Let Hanye deal with it. This is his house and his birthday party!”

Long Sihao frowned as he heard what they said. He squinted his eyes, clenched his fists tightly and for the first time, he hated so much about the in-law relationship between Li Xiaoman and him.

He hated himself for not being able to step in and protect her right away.

He could throw caution into the wind, but he had to guard her reputation.

Ling Hanye heard what Suyi said and then raised his eyebrows to give Long Sihao a wicked smile. “Don’t worry Sihao. I’ll take care of those reporters for your beloved woman.”

As soon as he finished talking, Lin Momo caught up with them and elbowed him hard in the chest.

“Bitch! What’s up with you?” Ling Hanye frowned in pain and squinted his brown eyes to stare at Lin Momo.

Lin Momo gave him a stare. “Cut your bullshit and get it done!”

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