Chapter 113: You Are the Cheating Master

Ling Hanye heard her insults and wanted to strangle her now. 

Lin Momo squeezed herself through the reporters to stand beside Li Xiaoman and looked at her worriedly. “Manman, are you all right?”

Li Xiaoman smiled at Lin Momo and tried to ease her worries. “Don’t worry. I’m fine.!”

“You’re not fine!” Lin Momo looked at her sympathetically, and then she turned to the reporters and said angrily, “Enough of the photos! Do you guys want pictures? Go and take their pictures!”

Lin Momo pointed her finger at Huo Yunxi and Xia Lin. 

“Mrs. Huo, your husband chose your sister, how do you feel about it? Will you leave him to your sister, or will you threaten him again with your life, just like what you did a year ago?”

Lin Momo squinted her eyes to stare angrily at the reporter who asked the question. “What a stupid question! When did Manman threaten him with her life? President Huo cheated on his wife with his sister-in-law, and they even have a baby now. Our Manman is the victim! The real homewrecker is Xia Lin.”

The reporters turned to Xia Lin after they heard what Lin Momo said.

Xia Lin leaned against Huo Yunxi’s chest and clenched his clothes tightly as she started to sob. “No, you’re lying! I am not a homewrecker. Yunix and I were in love, and we were gonna get married, but Xiaoman…”

Xia Lin pointed at Li Xiaoman with a sad face and growled, “She set us up! She forced Yunxi to marry her, broke up our relationship…”

Huo Yunxi frowned as he heard what Xia Lin said and his eyes revealed a complicated emotion. He glanced at Li Xiaoman as she was calm, undisturbed, and still stood tall like a snow lotus in the Andes mountain; extraordinary, holy, exquisite, and unreachable for mere mortals.  

He felt a sharp pain in his heart as if she was out of his reach and he would lose her forever. 

Li Xiaoman’s gaze stayed at Huo Yunxi as she grinned slightly without showing any emotions. 

Huo Yunxi was stunned by her subtle smile and felt alarmed.  

Li Xiaoman slowly walked toward Lin Momo to stand beside her and raised her eyebrows to smile elegantly at the reporters who couldn’t stop taking pictures. “If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me!” 

“Mrs. Huo, the rumor has it that your marriage has hit rock-bottom, is that true? This lady here says that she is the actual victim, can you comment on that?”

“Truth will speak for itself. I did not force anyone to marry me, and whether I’m a victim or not, it’s not important anymore. As to who is the real homewrecker, look with your own eyes. My sister is pregnant with her brother-in-law’s baby, and if you still draw the conclusion that the wife is the homewrecker, then I have nothing else to say!”

“Exactly! President Huo is unfaithful and got his sister-in-law pregnant. You guys should ask him about his cheating skills!”  

Lin Momo’s mocking words made everyone laugh as all the guests turned their eyes to Huo Yunxi once again. 

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