Chapter 114: Divorce Is the Best Option

Huo Yunxi’s face turned livid with rage as his fists clenched tightly together and he warned Lin Momo with his sharp stare.

However, the reporter asked her again. “Mrs. Huo, are you going to divorce with CEO Huo?”

Li Xiaoman raised her eyebrows and said, “Of course, I can’t continue living with an unfaithful man who betrayed our marriage, and so divorce is the best option.”

Huo Yunxi’s brows pinched together having heard her answer, and his eyes narrowed as his gaze locked onto Li Xiaoman’s face. When he saw the calm elegant smile on Li Xiaoman’s face, his heart started to hurt as if it was stabbed by needles. 

Li Xiaoman remained calm and elegant even when she was surrounded by reporters, did this mean that she really didn’t care for him anymore?

Compared to Xia Lin who was crying and shouting, Huo Yunxi was more attracted to Li Xiaoman’s calmness, but he felt that he was about to lose her. 

“Momo, let’s go.” Li Xiaoman raised her eyebrows and pulled her friend away. 

Long Sihao looked in Li Xiaoman’s direction and his brooding eyes narrowed as a mix of emotions went across them. Li Xiaoman’s performance today was out of his expectations and he admired her calm attitude; she was truly different from others.

Long Sihao turned around and stared at Lorry sharply as he said in a low voice, “Tell those reporters that I don’t want to see any stories about Xiaoxiao in any newspapers or magazines.”

Lorry raised his brows and smiled as his eyes curved up into a beam. “Okay!” He said as he snapped his finger, “Don’t worry Boss, there won’t be any words about Miss Li’s beautiful figure, attractive face, or even her name on any of the newspapers tomorrow.”

“That would be the best.” Long Sihao narrowed his eyes as a trace of cruelty flashed across them. Suddenly, his gaze sharpened as his expression hardened exuding a cold and chilly aura; and he spoke without any warmth in his tone. “It’s fine as long as Xiaoxiao doesn’t appear, and as for the others…”

His lips curled into a chilly smile and his deep gaze seemed as if he was thirsty for blood. 

Lorry understood what Long Sihao meant and he nodded. “Got it, Boss, I know what to do.”

Li Xiaoman pretended as if nothing had happened as she returned to the banquet hall and pulled Lin Momo towards the catering table. 

She attracted a lot of attention from the crowd at the banquet hall, some with sympathy and some with disdain…

Lin Momo’s brows pinched together as she looked at Li Xiaoman who kept on eating  and drinking red wine. She grabbed the glass of wine from Li Xiaoman’s hand and said to her in worry, “Manman, you have to stop drinking like this. Don’t be sad because of that b-----d Huo anymore, he’s not worth it!”

Li Xiaoman looked up at Lin Momo, her face red from the alcohol. She covered her mouth with one hand and narrowed her eyebrows as she said, “I’m not sad because of him. I need to use the washroom, I’m feeling slightly uncomfortable.”

The moment she entered the washroom, she started to retch over the sink.


“What’s wrong Manman? How come you’re vomiting for no reason?” Lin Momo looked worried as she passed Li Xiaoman napkins and patted her back gently to ease the discomfort. 

Li Xiaoman patted her face with cold water to freshen up and wiped her hands dry before she looked up at Lin Momo. “I don’t know, maybe I ate too much just now.”

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