Chapter 115: Vomit, She’s Pregnant…

Lin Momo raised her eyebrows and stared strangely at Li Xiaoman’s flat stomach as she asked, “Manman, did you take the birth-control pills we bought last time?”

Li Xiaoman was slightly stunned by Lin Momo’s question.After Long Sihao told her that he had fed her the birth-control pills already, she didn’t take the ones she bought with Lin Momo.

She shook her head and asked in bewilderment, “Why? How come you asked?”

“You didn’t take them?” Lin Momo’s eyes widened as she stared at Li Xiaoman in shock.

She blinked slowly and raised a single eyebrow as she continued. “Manman, have you considered the possibility that you are pregnant?”

“Pregnant?” Li Xiaoman’s heart skipped a beat having heard this word, and she immediately shook her head in denial. “That’s impossible, how could I be pregnant?”

Lin Momo raised her eyebrows and lifted one hand to support her chin as she stared ambiguously at Li Xiaoman. “How is it not possible? Don’t forget that you and Long Sihao had a one-night…umm…, what are you doing Manman?”

Li Xiaoman covered Lin Momo’s mouth immediately as she felt like her heart was shot by something, and she squinted her eyes as she said, “Stop, don’t say anything more. It’s impossible.”

Lin Momo pulled Li Xiaoman’s hands down and glanced quickly at her. She then wrapped her arm around Li Xiaoman’s shoulder and raised her eyebrows as she asked, “Then did your period come yet for this month?”

Li Xiaoman was slightly stunned as she counted the days in her head, her period was late by three days, but that was normal and it didn’t necessarily mean she was pregnant.

She looked up at Lin Momo and smiled lightly. “I told you it’s impossible, it’s not the time yet. It’ll come in a few days.”

“Really?” Lin Momo asked as she squinted her eyes and stared at Li Xiaoman suspiciously. “Don’t we usually come around the same time? And I’ve already had mine for this month.”

Li Xiaoman raised her eyebrows and replied, “Mine’s not punctual, it’s often late. Anyways, let’s get out of here.”

Li Xiaoman walked out of the washroom after she had finished, and even though she appeared to be calm, she was starting to panic inside.

She prayed silently that she better not be pregnant, or else she couldn’t imagine the situation where her husband and his mistress were having a child and she was also pregnant with someone else’s child at the same time. That would be way too ridiculous.

This could not happen.

Lin Momo followed her out of the washroom and linked her arms as she raised her eyebrows and asked in a low voice, “Manman, this is only a hypothetical situation… But if you were really pregnant, what would you do? Would you tell Long Sihao? After all, he’s the child’s father.”

Li Xiaoman was stunned having heard Lin Momo’s question and she stood still as if she was struck by lightning. She turned her head slowly as blood rushed away from her face, she stared at Lin Momo and said in a determined tone, “Don’t ever tell him something that hasn’t been confirmed yet. Even if it’s real, then that’s just more reasons to not tell him. Bottom line is that he shouldn’t know anything concerning me. Momo, if you went and told him this, I’m going to stop thinking of you as my friend.”

Lin Momo saw that Li Xiaoman was serious about what she had said as she even threatened to cut her off, so she smiled and replied, “Don’t worry! I won’t say anything unless you agree!”

Li Xiaoman relaxed seeing that Lin Momo had agreed to not say a word.

The banquet had begun as all the lighting dimmed in the banquet hall and a slow ballroom ballad started to fill the space.

Those guests who had found a partner were dancing slowly in the center, as a pleasant and elegant atmosphere filled the banquet hall, and it wasn’t affected by the drama that had just happened in the garden.

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