Chapter 116: We Should Not Give A S--t!

The banquet had started as the lights dimmed in the banquet hall while the melodious dance music created a romantic atmosphere.

Some guests were dancing and the atmosphere was warm and elegant; it seemed that no one remembered the incident that had happened a moment ago.

“It’s time to dance! Manman, forget all the bullshit and your stupid husband. Let’s enjoy ourselves!” Lin Momo raised her eyebrows and dragged Li Xiaoman to the dance floor.

Li Xiaoman stopped and smiled at Lin Momo. “Momo, go ahead and have fun! I’m a bit hungry, and I’m going to get something to eat! I hope you meet a good man tonight!”

Lin Momo looked at her in concern. “No, I think I’ll stay with you!”

“It’s okay Momo, please, you make me feel like a burden. I’m fine! Huo Yun…”

Li Xiaoman couldn’t even finish the word as she was shocked to see a couple dancing in an intimate embrace.

The handsome man was wearing a pink Cerruti suit that fitted perfectly with his muscular body, and the woman was in a blue gown with an open V-back that showed off her slim and sexy shape.

The couple was Huo Yunxi and Xia Lin.

Li Xiaoman looked at them in surprise as she never thought they would be able to dance leisurely here at this moment, especially after what had happened previously. Their acting skills were way better than what she expected.

Xia Lin was a completely different person now with a confident persona and shined with happiness; it was the total opposite of her pitiful face just a while ago.

Lin Momo also noticed them, and she stared at them contemptuously. “Manman, you see? They are shameless and disgusting! They don’t give a s--t about anything! Manman, we should…”

Lin Momo raised her eyes to face Li Xiaoman. “We should also not give a s--t about them! Let’s have fun!”

Li Xiaoman nodded at Lin Momo. “I know. Okay, you go and have fun! Don’t worry about me. I’ll go and get something to eat first!”

She walked toward the buffet desk.

Lin Momo was about to go with her, but then she thought about how her actions might cause Li Xiaoman to feel like a charity case and hurt her pride, so she decided to let her go.

While she was thinking about all these, a man walked toward her from behind and smiled elegantly. “Miss, may I have a dance with you?”

Lin Momo turned around to face the man. He is very tall but not as handsome as that person…

At this thought, she glanced around the dance floor to search for him.

She squinted her eyes as she saw “that person” was dancing with a beautiful girl in a white dress. She smiled charmingly at the man who just invited her. “Of course, It will be my honor!”

She let the man take her hand and lead her to the dance floor.

Li Xiaoman had a few bites of the food but felt nauseous, so she decided to drink a glass of delicious wine.

Li Xiaoman was very popular earlier tonight when she first entered the banquet hall. There were so many gentlemen wanting to have a dance with her, but now no one approached her after what had happened in the garden.

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