Chapter 117: Invite Her to Dance

The first dance partner of every party was usually an important person; it could be your significant other, families, friends, or business associates.

Li Xiaoman drank her wine while looking around the room, subconsciously searching for Long Sihao.

She glanced around and finally found him.

Long Sihao stood tall in a black Armani suit that fitted perfectly to his muscular body, and he gave off a dominant kingly aura.

He held a goblet with his big hand while Lorry and Su Yi stood beside him.

Long Sihao was always a private person, and he rarely attended any public events. He would not have shown up anywhere in K City if it were not for his friend Ling Hanye’s birthday party.

However, he was the king of business in K City regardless of his low profile habits.

People in the business knew his name, and they were all eager to work with him.

Aside from his business empire and social status, he was also incredibly handsome with a model’s body and aristocratic elegance, so much so that all the social ladies threw themselves at him, but he coldly rejected all of them.

Every girl thought she had a chance, but none of them were good enough for him.

To her surprise, Li Xiaoman felt a little bit cheerful when she saw Long Sihao decline invitations from all those women.

Then, a woman in a white dress walked boldly toward Long Sihao and wound her arms around his neck intimately.

The woman tilted her head to look at Long Sihao and expressed her love and admiration adamantly. Her makeup was impeccable as she smiled charmingly and seductively, looking both  innocent and sensual.

Li Xiaoman looked at her nonchalantly, but then she soon realized that the woman was in the garden with Long Sihao earlier tonight.

She bottled up her emotions and felt a slight discomfort as if she was suffocating. She tightened her fingers around the wine glass and looked away, then she put down her glass and prepared to leave.

As she was turning around and ready to leave, a man with a familiar voice spoke behind her.

“Miss Li, can I be your first man?”

Li Xiaoman’s lips twitched, and she squinted her eyes angrily to see Lorry with his hand reaching out. “Lorry, what are you talking about?’

Lorry raised his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes into a crescent moon-like shape joyfully. “Oh My God! You misunderstood me! I meant, can I be the first man to invite you for a dance tonight?”

Li Xiaoman squinted her eyes in disbelief as she knew that he was doing it on purpose.

She didn’t accept his invitation, but nor did she decline it. Instead, she glanced around the dance floor again to search for Long Sihao, but only to realize that he was gone.

She glanced at the dance floor again but still couldn’t find him.

She stopped looking and frowned.

Suddenly, a man spoke in a low and clear voice, “Are you looking for me?”

Li Xiaoman was stunned upon hearing this voice, and she tilted her head to see the handsome face in front of her; then she found Lorry had disappeared.

“Long… Long Sihao! When did you show up? Where is your assistant Lorry?” Li Xiaoman stepped back and said in astonishment as she almost tripped.

Long Sihao immediately reached out and gently drew her into his arms. Then he led her to the dance floor.

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