Chapter 118: The First Dance

Li Xiaoman was in such a daze that she kept stepping on Long Sihao’s foot on the dance floor.

Long Sihao frowned slightly every time she stepped on his foot, but he always kept his charming smile without showing any irritation.

Li Xiaoman came to her senses and looked at him embarrassingly with a blushed face. “I’m… I’m sorry! I’m not good at dancing. Maybe you should find someone else. This is your first dance, and you should have it with your significant other!”

Long Sihao held her waist with his arm and led her to do fancy turns as they danced the Waltz. He had a thoughtful gaze and charming smile, and he bent down his head to whisper in her ear flirtatiously with his beautiful thin lips, “My first time will always be yours!”

Li Xiaoman felt his breathing behind her ear and became sexually aroused with goosebumps. Her shy and innocent face reddened with a blush, which gave her a glamorous look that made Long Sihao’s heart race.

She tilted her head to stare at him and tried to make herself sound as if he had offended her. “Long Sihao! You…”

“What? What did I do?” Long Sihao once again leaned toward her ear and said with a deep and sexy voice.

She felt his heated breathing once more, and her body trembled. She looked away to avoid eye contact with Long Sihao, but then another pair of angry eyes caught her attention.

Huo Yunxi was glaring at her furiously as if he was about to come and choke her to death.

Xia Lin realized that Huo Yunxi was looking at Li Xiaoman while still dancing with her, and she felt frustrated and said, “Yunxi, I don’t feel well. I want to take a break!”

Huo Yunxi let go of Xia Lin after he heard what she said and walked away from the dance floor. He took a wine glass from the waiter and gulped it while he stared at Li Xiaoman’s charming figure next to Long Sihao’s.

He tightened his fingers around the glass and almost broke it.

Xia Lin felt a deep resentment towards Li Xiaoman as she saw how Huo Yunxi let go of her without a care and chose to drink his wine while staring at Li Xiaoman. She was also jealous of the fact that Li Xiaoman was dancing with a handsome and elegant man.

Why? Why did she always get the best guys?

Even though they shared the same father and had grown up together in the same school and same class, Li Xiaoman was always ahead of her. She had excellent scores in the school and was always the most popular one. Everyone loved Xiaoman.

She grew up under her shadow and was always jealous of her, especially seeing how Huo Yunxi had always treated her affectionately. Xia Lin was madly in love with Huo Yunxi, and her jealousy had pushed her to the edge. She had to have him, no matter what!

She smiled sinisterly as if she was planning a scheme. She recalled the big lie that she told ten years ago about how she had risked her life to save Huo Yunxi. In fact, it was Li Xiaoman who had saved him.

However, she would never let him know the truth.

Meanwhile, Li Xiaoman started to get the hang of the dance as Long Sihao was a great dance partner and she no longer stepped on his feet.

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