Chapter 119: Just Couldn’t Resist

Perhaps it was just her, but she felt his breathing had become somewhat erratic. The fiery breaths he exhaled were like flames, warming her entire body as if she was next to a stove.

Her eyelashes fluttered as she lowered her eyelids and asked, “You still haven’t told me where Lorry went.”

She felt a breath of hot air behind her ear when she finished talking. Long Sihao’s perfect lips were beside her ear as he murmured, “Don’t ever mention other men’s names in front of me. He’s got important work to do.”

His tone was domineering and irresistible.

Li Xiaoman looked up into his burning gaze and saw a searing blaze flickering in his ink-black pupils. She lowered her eyes immediately as her heart skipped a beat, then asked a little uneasily, “What… what kind of work?”

Long Sihao didn’t reply, he dipped his head and covered her lips with his.

Li Xiaoman was dumbfounded. He was kissing her in front of all these people, she couldn’t believe that he was so. . .

She tried pushing him away but the lights went out all of a sudden. Somebody must have pulled the main switch. The entire banquet hall was in a blackout, and nobody could see a thing.

Li Xiaoman was scared by the sudden blackout in the banquet hall and pressed her dainty hands against Long Sihao’s chest. “Long… um…”

Long Sihao didn’t give her a chance to speak as his lips pressed desperately against hers, he parted her lips with his tongue and delved inside.

His kiss burned like hellfires in her mouth, stealing her reason as it burned through her entire body.

The taste of red wine was spreading between their lips, intoxicating both of them.

Li Xiaoman tried to push him away but couldn’t. Feeling as if he had sucked out all of her strength, she went limp against his chest.

His kisses were so passionate that they were enough to asphyxiate her. She gasped for fresh air from the lack of oxygen and pounded his chest with her fists. A light layer of fog appeared in her bright eyes as perspiration ran down her forehead. “Hmm… Long… Long Sihao… Um… Let go of me…”

Long Sihao let her go bit by bit when he realized she had trouble breathing.

Li Xiaoman’s entire body was soft and hot. She was cushioned against Long Sihao’s embrace and panted for air, her long lashes fluttered like butterfly wings and caused a series of ripples.

When her breathing finally returned to normal, his lips were covering hers again. Only this time, he was gentle, giving her chances to breathe.

“Hmm…” she moaned and tried to push him away when Long Sihao’s deep, possessive voice came to her ears.

“Xiaoxiao, don’t say no to me.”

His voice was raspy and intoxicating like aged whiskey. It made her ears tingle and her heart falter.

She let him kiss her, almost as if he had cast a spell on her.

She felt like she was immersed in an ethereal field of flowers as her mind went completely blank.

When her senses returned, Long Sihao had left her lips and the entire banquet hall lit up again.

The light and upbeat music was flowing mellifluously in the atmosphere like a river under a bridge.

Li Xiaoman lowered her eyelids and did not dare to look at him. Right now her heart was beating like a drum, she muttered about going to the washroom and left in a hurry.

But because of that lingering, passionate kiss, she felt so limp that she stumbled. Thank God Long Sihao was quick enough to catch her. A smile appeared in his too-bright eyes as he looked at her. “I should carry you.”

Li Xiaoman disguised her panic and twitched her lips. “No, thank you.”

Then, she left the dance floor and headed towards the ladies’ room with her head down.

Suddenly, someone dashed in front of her and gripped her wrist hard. It caused her so much pain that she frowned.

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