Chapter 120: Let Go of Me

She looked up and met a furious, cold gaze.

“Huo… Huo Yunxi, what are you doing? Let go of me.” Li Xiaoman narrowed her eyes and stared at him in the same cold manner. She fought to struggle her hand out of Huo Yunxi’s grip but failed.

Huo Yunxi continued to stare at her with his cold, furious gaze as he gritted out a word between his teeth. “Slut.”

And then, he proceeded to drag her to an empty, secluded corner of the banquet hall.

Li Xiaoman’s bright eyes were flickering with rage as she peered at him grimly. “Huo Yunxi… what the heck are you doing? Let go of me…”

Huo Yunxi narrowed his icy gaze as he looked at her luscious swollen lips, obviously the result of a hard, passionate kiss.

His countenance turned steel hard, the cold in his eyes was bone-chilling, the fire in his heart was an inferno, and the jealousy in his gaze was intense. “You have the guts to ask me what I want? What have you done, Li Xiaoman? I never knew how low you could possibly stoop! Are you really that c--k thirsty? Did you let Long Sihao kiss you? You slut, you act like the Virgin Mary in front of me and in front of Long Sihao, you turn into a shameless w---e.”

Huo Yunxi’s nasty, degrading words were like daggers stabbing into Li Xiaoman’s heart. Her bloodied, already-numb heart was riddled with holes.

It was a pain that she couldn’t describe. It tore her entire body apart from the inside out.

She clenched her cute little hands and looked right into Huo Yunxi’s eyes. The ice-cold, merciless gaze that she had never seen on him before. The corners of her mouth lifted in a bitter smile and she laughed with tears in her eyes. “Heh heh… Huo Yunxi, curse me all you want, I know I’ve always been a slut and a w---e in your eyes. I shamelessly married you and kept seducing other men because I was lonely… Heh heh… Huo Yunxi, let’s see how good you are? Cheating, whoremongering, having a kid with another woman, and you think you’re not shameless? What gave you the right to insult me? You deliberately framed me to make me look like I was the one who cheated. There’s a reason why Long Sihao and I ended up together and it’s all because of you. You were the one who pushed me to him.”

Huo Yunxi turned livid from hearing her words. He tightly clenched her wrist with one hand and gripped her jaw with the other hand. His eyes were bloodshot from rage, the blades in his fierce gaze were cutting every inch of her skin, his chest was rising and falling rapidly from his fury.

“You slut, when did I ever push you to him? You are the one who acts like a bitch in heat whenever you see him, like you can’t wait to get beneath him. If you’re so c--k thirsty then I’ll give you what you f*ing want. I’m gonna fk your brains out.”

Then, he used the advantage he had over her petite body and pressed her against the wall. One hand held her wrists in place as the other hand grabbed her jaw harshly. He lowered his head and kissed her lips like a savage, like a wild beast, as he bit her lips ferociously.

Her lips were hurting from being tortured. Li Xiaoman frowned and twisted her body with all her force and barked in his face, “Huo Yunxi… piss… piss off, don’t touch me, you b-----d.”

She moved her head away to avoid his disgusting kisses. Huo Yunxi pressed against her body and cupped her cute little face to keep it in place and covered her lips with his again, he was aggressive, invading, and relentless.

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