Chapter 121: The Childhood Memory

“Let go of me!” Li Xiaoman struggled vigorously with sweat drops running off of her forehead; she panicked because she couldn’t push him away. Finally, she bit his tongue until she tasted blood in her mouth.

Huo Yunxi let go of her in pain and glared at her. “What the f--k? You’ll pay for this bitch!”

He grabbed her slim wrist and dragged her out of the banquet hall.

“Huo Yunxi! Let me go! Stop it! You monster… let go of me!”

Although she fought with all she got, Huo Yunxi still overpowered her as he dragged her out of the banquet hall and tucked her into his car.

Li Xiaoman hit the car windows, glared at him, and screamed, “Huo Yunxi! Open the door! Let me out!”

Huo Yunxi sat behind the steering wheel and grinned obnoxiously. “Haha… I’ll let you out… after you become my woman!”

He stepped on the gas and the black Bentley made sped away from the Ling Family’s house.

Li Xiaoman freaked out and hit the window desperately. “Huo Yunxi! You monster. B-----d. Stop the car!”

Huo Yunxi drove at the maximum speed with a terrifying look, and the car raced on the road like a bullet train.

It was late at night, and there was no one on the road.

Li Xiaoman clenched her fists on her skirt tightly and squinted her watery eyes to glare at Huo Yunxi. “Stop the car now! You’re crazy! You’re insane! Stop the car. Stop… Stop… Stop!” she screamed in fury.

Huo Yunxi stared towards the front with his cold eyes and gave a sly smirk. Then suddenly, he turned the car to the left and drove it into a forest nearby.

The moonlight was dim tonight, and the forest was pitch-black with sounds of birds and insects that created a creepy and horrifying atmosphere.

Li Xiaoman was always afraid of the dark because of what happened from her childhood. She started to shake uncontrollably and sweat drops popped out all over her face as she looked fearfully around, her face and lips turning pale.

The memory that she had buried deeply was now coming back vividly.

Two men wearing masks with lewd grins approached her slowly.

“Don’t be scared, little girl…”

“Come here, little girl…”


As this memory came back to her, Li Xiaoman’s pale lips trembled as if the two men were right beside her with their disgusting smiles. She clenched her fists and shook her head. “No… No please leave me alone…”

All of a sudden, Huo Yunxi stopped the car and turned to grin at Li Xiaoman as if he was looking at his delicious meal and ready to devour it. He grabbed her chin with his big hand and kissed her forcefully.

“No…” Li Xiaoman snapped out of her thoughts and started to hit and push Huo Yunxi while tears gushed out of her eyes. She was scared, angry, and humiliated.

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