Chapter 122: Blood! The Furious Long Sihao!

“Don’t touch me! You monster…” Li Xiaoman sounded as if she was about to break down while she hit and pushed Huo Yunxi away strenuously.

Huo Yunxi completely lost it as the feeling of jealousy and rage clouded his mind. He stared at Li Xiaoman with lustful desire and the eagerness to possess her. She is mine, and only I can touch her. No one else! 

It didn’t matter whether he loved her or not. She belonged to him, and he would never let her escape.

He ferociously tore at her dress, leaving the beautiful gown in pieces.

The tearing sound of the clothes was notably loud and clear in this deafening and dark forest.

Li Xiaoman still struggled with tears all over her face in horror and humiliation. “No… Huo Yunxi… Stop it! Don’t touch me!”

Her tears fell continuously as she fought hopelessly in desperation. However, Huo Yunxi was just too big and strong, and there was no way she could escape.

Li Xiaoman had made up her mind a long time ago; if he raped her, she would kill herself.

But how did he become like this?

Why did he treat me this way?

Why won’t he just let me go? Is he going to torture me to death?

Li Xiaoman knew that marrying him was the biggest mistake of her life.

Li Xiaoman frowned in pain while her body shook uncontrollably in fear and the tears rolled down her face, feeling humiliated and helpless.

Suddenly, someone smashed the car window with a loud banging sound, and both Huo Yunxi and Li Xiaoman looked up.

Long Sihao stood outside the car with blood coming out from his fist that was cut by the window glasses. He squinted his eyes with a flame of anger and glared at Huo Yunxi with killing intent.

He had tore the car door off with his bare hands, the Hulk

Before Huo Yunxi could even react, Long Sihao dragged him out of the car and glared at him with murder in his eyes. In an icy-cold voice, he said, “You b-----d!”

He swung his blood-covered fist at Huo Yunxi rapidly.

Caught by surprise, Huo Yunxi was hit hard by the punch and stumbled backward several steps as blood came out from his mouth and his left cheek became swollen.

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