Chapter 124: He Had A Gun!

Long Sihao ducked and caught Huo Yunxi’s fist in a swift move while he reached his other arm out to choke him.

“You…” Huo Yunxi was unprepared for Long Sihao’s swift move as his face flushed red due to the hand on his throat. “Long Sihao, good move! However, I’m better than this s--t!” He stared at him angrily.

Huo Yunxi squinted his eyes and pulled his fist back to throw another right hook at Long Sihao.

Long Sihao let go of his neck and ducked the punch.

Huo Yunxi missed, and then he threw another jab at him.

Long Sihao gave a cold smile as he ducked and slipped graciously like Muhammad Ali while Huo Yunxi kept throwing hard punches but missed again and again.

Li Xiaoman stood beside the Bentley and watched in astonishment as the two men fought.

It was apparent that Long Sihao had the upper hand. Li Xiaoman’s heart began racing many times when she thought that Huo Yunxi almost caught him with the punch, but Long Sihao would always ducked calmly at the last minute.

Huo Yunxi started to get tired with all the hard punches as he had used up all his strength but failed to land any shot on Long Sihao.

As Huo Yunxi grew fatigued and slowed down with his attacks, Long Sihao caught his neck and pushed him against a tree.

Huo Yunxi tried to catch his breath and glared at Long Sihao. “Long Sihao, you tricked me!”

Long Sihao narrowed his eyes to stare at him coldly while he closed up his thin lips slightly and said chilly, “I told you, you’re no match for me! Remember, I will take care of Xiaoxiao. You don’t deserve her anymore!”

Long Sihao finished talking and let go of Huo Yunxi. He turned around and walked toward Li Xiaoman.

Huo Yunxi couldn’t believe that Long Sihao would be so full of himself. He squinted his eyes and clenched his fists to charge at Long Sihao once again.

“Long Sihao, watch out!” Li Xiaoman yelled worriedly as she saw Huo Yunxi’s sudden attack from behind.

Long Sihao heard what Li Xiaoman said, and his eyes darkened as he closed his thin lips slightly. He turned around abruptly, and suddenly he was holding a gun and pointing it slowly at Huo Yunxi’s head.

Huo Yunxi stopped and glared at him in shock, as he never thought that Long Sihao would have a gun on him. “Go ahead and take the shot! I dare you!”

“I will.” Long Sihao raised his eyebrows, looked at him coldly and smirked as if he was ready for the bloodbath.

Then, his long and beautiful finger was ready to pull the trigger.

Li Xiaoman was stunned to see Long Sihao’s gun, but she soon snapped out of her thought and screamed at him, “Long Sihao, NO!”

She sprung to Huo Yunxi and threw herself in front of him as if she was ready to take the bullet.

Both Long Sihao and Huo Yunxi were shocked as none of them had thought Li Xiaoman would do this.


Huo Yunxi was speechless as he looked at this tiny woman in front him, looking disheveled as the torn dress hung loosely on her body. She stood before him, ready to take a bullet for him. He frowned and his eyes had complicated emotions in them; he felt touched, ashamed, guilty, and remorseful…

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