Chapter 125: Blocking the Gun, He Felt Hurt

Long Sihao’s gaze darkebed when he saw Li Xiaoman blocking Huo Yunxi, his brooding eyes locked onto her face and his lips pressed tightly together as he slowly spat out two words, “Move away.”

His tone sounded so soft that it was impossible to tell his mood from it.

Li Xiaoman’s eyebrows pinched tightly together as she looked into Long Sihao’s eyes, and it felt like she was staring down at a bottomless abyss. Her hands twisted together as she bit on her lower lips and said, “Long Sihao, I don’t care if you are really going to pull the trigger or not, but…”

She paused as she looked at Long Sihao with determination in her eyes, and in a firm tone she continued to say, “As long as I am alive, I won’t allow you to shoot him.”

Huo Yunxi was deeply shocked and startled having heard the firmness in Li Xiaoman’s tone. “Manman…” His eyebrows pinched tightly together as he stared at Li Xiaoman with his eyes filled with complicated emotions.

Long Sihao’s gaze locked onto Li Xiaoman’s crystal clear eyes, and the determination in her eyes was like a sharp blade hurting Long Sihao’s heart. Huo Yunxi wronged her multiple times, and yet she still stood in front of him to protect him like this; so in the end, Long Sihao never managed to enter her heart.

Bitterness crossed Long Sihao’s face as he tucked his gun away. He looked at Li Xiaoman deeply and his lips curled into a light smile that was filled with sadness and sorrow.

Long Sihao didn’t say anything else and turned around as he walked straight towards his car.

He didn’t give Li Xiaoman another glance as he sat in the car and drove out of the woods at a fast speed.

Li Xiaoman’s brows pinched even tighter when she looked in Long Sihao’s direction and she felt a bit of a heartache having seen him leave. She felt dizzy and didn’t bother further with Huo Yunxi who was behind her as she walked away.

She didn’t walk very far before she fell backwards from her unsteady steps.

“Manman…” A trace of worry crossed Huo Yunxi’s eyes as he rushed forward to hold her up.

“Don’t touch me!” Li Xiaoman said to him coldly and pushed him away.

Having seen this, Huo Yunxi’s brows pinched together with guilt and said, “Manman, I’m sorry! I lost my mind when I did that to you, I… I just didn’t want to lose you.”

“Haha… You didn’t want to lose me, but you never cherished me either,” Li Xiaoman sneered as she spoke in a soft tone without any emotions, her voice sounding like it came from far away.

Her tone of voice wasn’t cold at all, but Huo Yunxi’s heart trembled as he felt like he was drowning in the fear of losing Li Xiaoman.

“Manman… I’m sorry! Could you give me one more chance?” Huo Yunxi panicked and held Li Xiaoman in his arms from behind. “I’m sorry Manman! But I really don’t want to lose you.”

Li Xiaoman struggled out of Huo Yunxi’s arms unmoved by his words and said in an indifferent tone, “Don’t ever say things like this again because it means nothing now.”

Night wind came through the woods and Li Xiaoman trembled from the breeze. She grasped onto Long Sihao’s suit and wrapped herself tighter in it.

The light cologne scent that belonged to Long Sihao lingered around Li Xiaoman’s nose, and she looked down at the suit as she remembered how Long Sihao didn’t say a word when he left.

Huo Yunxi took off his jacket and was about to wrap it around Li Xiaoman as she seemed cold, but she moved away and avoided his offer.

Li Xiaoman turned away from him and glared at him coldly. “Take it away, I don’t need it.”

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