Chapter 126: Surprised, He Didn’t Leave

“Manman…” Huo Yunxi’s gaze locked onto Li Xiaoman’s cold expression and his hands froze holding his jacket in mid-air as he felt like his heart had been ripped apart.

He just wanted to keep her by his side, and he never thought that he would’ve hurt her this badly.

Now he didn’t even have the courage to stand in front of her, and his brows pinched tightly as a complicated mix of emotions crossed his eyes. “Manman, could you please give me a second chance? I…”

His cell phone suddenly rang, but he ignored it.

However, the caller didn’t give up and his ringtone kept on playing over and over again.

Huo Yunxi’s brows narrowed and finally picked up after it had rung many times; the calls came from Xia Lin.

His eyes squinted together as he declined the call and then shut it off completely.

“Manman…” He looked up at Li Xiaoman but she was already running out of the woods.

“Manman…” Huo Yunxi shouted in panic and ran after her.

LI Xiaoman saw that Huo Yunxi was chasing after her and she started to run even quicker in an unsteady manner.

When she finally ran out of the woods, she saw a black Rolls Royce parked beside the road.

Li Xiaoman was slightly stunned at first and a flash of surprise went across her eyes because she recognized that car, it was Long Sihao’s car.

Long Sihao was sitting in his car with his hands on the wheel, his thin lips were pinched tightly together, a serious expression on his face as his brooding eyes stared into the distance.

A trace of surprise flashed across his eyes when Li Xiaoman’s slim figure appeared in his sight. He immediately got out his car and waited for Li Xiaoman to approach him.

But when he saw her unsteady steps, he approached her instead with his brows pinched together in worry.

Because Li Xiaoman was running in a rush, she soon lost her balance and was about to fall forward.


Long Sihao quickly stepped forward and held her up with his long firm arms in silence. His eyes locked onto her face that had blushed red from running, and his lips pressed together into a thin line.

Li Xiaoman was panting from the running and her long eyelashes trembled as she looked up at Long Sihao with a trace of surprise. “Long… Long Sihao… Take… Take me away…”

Having heard her words, Long Sihao’s eyes narrowed and stared at her deeply before he carried her to his chest and walked towards his car.

He placed Li Xiaoman onto the passenger’s seat first before he walked over to the driver’s seat. The moment he pressed the pedal to accelerate, Huo Yunxi caught up to the scene.

Huo Yunxi’s fists clenched tightly together when he saw Li Xiaoman sitting in Long Sihao’s car and he shouted in anger, “Long Sihao, stop the car…”

However, Long Sihao’s car had already left and it was impossible for Huo Yunxi to chase after a moving car with his two legs.

“Long Sihao…” Huo Yunxi shouted again with rage.

Meanwhile, Long Sihao drove the car silently with his thin lips pressed together into a line. His brooding eyes were deep like a black hole and it was hard to decode his emotions from his expression.

The atmosphere was stiff in the car because Long Sihao didn’t speak a word.

Li Xiaoman felt uneasy as she sat on the passenger’s seat and she frequently turned her head to look at Long Sihao. She couldn’t decode his emotions based on his expression and so she narrowed her eyebrows as she said, “Thank you for tonight.”

She kept on staring at Long Sihao to see his response, but he acted like he didn’t hear anything.

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