Chapter 127: Worried, You’re Hurt

Li Xiaoman’s brows pinched together and her gaze fell upon his hands on the driving wheel; she was shocked when she saw that the backside of his right hand was covered with wounds and dried up blood. “You’re hurt,” she said and took his right hand subconsciously.

Long Sihao’s eyes deepened when he saw her hands holding onto his. He glanced at her briefly and asked in an indifferent tone, “Where to?”

Li Xiaoman let go of his hand having heard his indifferent tone and pinched her eyebrows together as she said, “Pharmacy.”

Long Sihao was slightly shocked by her answer and his gaze sharpened while his expression remained unchanged as he drove to a pharmacy store.

The moment Long Sihao pulled over, Li Xiaoman opened the door and got off.

Having seen this, Long Sihao also got off the car and grabbed Li Xiaoman’s arm to stop her. “Tell me what you want to buy and wait in the car for me. I’ll go grab them for you. You shouldn’t go with your dress in this condition.”

Li Xiaoman looked down at her dress that was ruined by Huo Yunxi and her brows pinched slightly together as she stared at Long Sihao and said, “Cotton swab, Iodine, and Band-aids.”

Long Sihao was surprised at her answer again, and he stared at her deeply before he said, “Go wait for me in the car first.”

“En!” Li Xiaoman nodded her head lightly at Long Sihao and sat back into the car.

A few minutes later, Long Sihao returned with the three items Li Xiaoman had said for him to buy.

He handed the three items over to Li Xiaoman and was about to start the car when she stopped him.


Li Xiaoman raised her eyebrows and stared at him as she grabbed his right hand. Her eyebrows pinched together tightly and a trace of worry flashed across her eyes when she saw the multiple wounds across his right hand.

She dipped the cotton swabs in iodine first to cleaned off the blood from his hand, and then covered up the wounds with the Band-aids.

The entire backside of Long Sihao’s hand was covered with Band-aids and Li Xiaoman’s lips twitched at it because it didn’t look nice. She looked up at Long Sihao who didn’t say anything and said in an apologetic tone, “Sorry, I didn’t think it would turn out this ugly. I’m too clumsy and now it looks awful.”

Long Sihao looked at his hand and then turned towards Li Xiaoman; his gaze deepened having seen Li Xiaoman’s face blush red from embarrassment.

Li Xiaoman started to panic a bit as Long Sihao kept on staring at her, and her eyelashes trembled as she blinked her eyes and asked, “Back at the woods, I thought you already left. Why were you at the roadside?”

“Did you want me to leave?”

Long Sihao’s deep charming voice sounded beside her ear, Li Xiaoman looked up and realized he had moved closer to her unknowingly. Li Xiaoman’s heart jumped at his close-up breathtaking face that was only an inch away from her’s.

It was easy to fall for him because of his overly attractive looks.

They were so close that their breathes intertwined with each other’s, and for every breath Li Xiaoman took, she could smell Long Sihao’s scent.

Long Sihao was different from the other men she knew, he didn’t smoke so he didn’t have that awful nicotine smell, and his scent was rather refreshing which made it easy for people to indulge into it.

Li Xiaoman’s heart trembled as she feared that she would fall for his charm. She was about to tilt away when Long Sihao’s hand touched her face and his fingers disappeared into her long hair.

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