Chapter 129: I didn’t throw myself at you

She glowered at Long Sihao’s calm, emotionless face and twitched her lips. “Long… Long Sihao… Why are you acting like this? Put me down, I didn’t throw myself at you. I was gonna open the car door. What do you want me to agree to?”

Li Xiaoman bit her lower lip and gritted out the last sentence. Right now her face was burning as if it was on fire.

The masculine eyebrows on his handsome face arched a little as he narrowed his jet-black eyes. A smile appeared in his eyes as he saw the color of her pretty face had now turned vermilion. The corners of his lips curled up and he smirked. “Heh heh… Xiaoxiao…”

He just saw the adorable side of her. The smile in his eyes was even more apparent as his lips slid from her ear to her elegant neck. The scorching sensation was strong enough to penetrate beneath her skin, sending chills down her spine.

That tingling sensation made Li Xiaoman jerk her neck involuntarily as she pressed her dainty hands against his muscular chest. “Long Sihao, don’t…”

“Don’t what?” Long Sihao’s voice was deep and hoarse, a flicker of fire burning at the bottom of his black eyes.

Li Xiaoman let out a moan, then quickly bit her lips together. How could she make such a noise, was that even hers?

What was wrong with her? Why was she like this? Why did her heart flutter so much when he kissed her?

She felt like she was floating in an ocean, waves upon waves were crashing against her body, causing layers upon layers of ripples flowing out.

“Xiaoxiao…” He groaned with his deep voice.

Before she completely lost touch with her senses, she tried to push him away again at his chest. “Long… Long Sihao… No… Long… Um…”

Long Sihao jerked up his head and covered her luscious lips with his, stealing all of her words.

His kisses were wild and demanding, like a fireball burning between her lips. Her brain was all but fried, her consciousness was perturbed.

Both of their bodies were searing hot. Long Sihao kisse her lips and said in a husky voice, “Xiaoxiao, I need you…”

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