Chapter 13: He Doesn’t Deserve Her Love

Li Xiaoman raised her hand to touch her sore neck. She stared at him with red and swollen eyes. “Huo Yunxi, you’re crazy. You’re insane. You sent men to assault me. I’ll never forgive you even after I die.”

Huo Yunxi felt a weird sense of irritation from her words, especially the “I’ll never forgive you even after I die.”

He stopped walking, turned around, and looked at Li Xiaomin coldly. “I don’t need your forgiveness. Li Xiaoman, before I ruin your reputation, I will not divorce you.”

He finished talking and walked upstairs.

After he left, Li Xiaoman dropped to the floor. Her tears gushed out just when she thought she had no more tears left to shed.

But this time, she wasn’t crying for Huo Yunxi. She was crying for herself. She felt so worthless.

She had waited for a year, and in the end, this was what she got.

How could he be so cruel, so heartless? Just because he wanted a divorce, he tried to ruin her reputation so she wouldn’t get anything after the divorce; he had the audacity to drug her and hire people to rape her.

She hated him! She hated him!

Huo Yunxi didn’t deserve her love.

He didn’t deserve it… He didn’t…

He was no longer that Huo Yunxi who used to protect her.

Because all the servants left at night, and Maid Lin was summoned away by Huo Yunxi, Li Xiaoman was all alone in the living room.

She lay on the sofa and cried bitterly.

She only allowed herself to cry this time. From now on, she would never cry over Huo Yunxi again.

Her body was shaking uncontrollably because of her weeping. She cried all night in the living room until dawn.

It was only one night, but she felt like she had been there for a century.

Then, the phone inside her handbag rang. She took it out and saw it was from her good friend Lin Momo.

“Momo…” She picked up the phone and spoke with a choking voice. In front of her good friend Momo, Xiaoman couldn’t hide her feelings.

“Manman, what happened? What’s going on? Why are you crying?” Momo asked anxiously.

“I…” Li Xiaoman held the phone speechlessly with red-rimmed eyes. She didn’t know how to explain what had happened to her.

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