Chapter 131: It’s Late, Let’s Sleep

Li Xiaoman raised her eyebrows and squinted her eyes as she asked, “You mean that you want me to move out of the Huo Manor?”

Long Sihao didn’t give her an answer but kissed her forehead instead, and his thin lips curved into an alluring smile as his eyes brightened up even more.

Li Xiaoman looked at his smile and felt like she had fallen into some sort of trap.

  • At Dihua International Hotel –

Li Xiaoman got off the car and squinted her eyes when she realized that Long Sihao had drove them to a hotel. “Long Sihao, are you serious? I… You… Don’t fool around with me.”

Li Xiaoman stared at Long Sihao with alertness in her eyes and felt the urge to run away.

Long Sihao’s brooding eyes narrowed as he could tell that she wanted to escape, so he stepped forward and carried her to his chest. He stared at her gently and curled his thin lips as he said, “Don’t worry, I won’t fool around. I’ll be gentle.”

“You…” Li Xiaoman’s lips twitched at his words and hit his chest with both hands. “Long Sihao, don’t forget that I haven’t divorced yet, I… I’m still your sister-in-law.”

“Soon you won’t be.”

Long Sihao said as he raised a single eyebrow and carried her straight into the hotel.

“CEO Long…” The receptionist immediately approached him with respect as he stepped into the Lobby.

“Get me the Presidential Suite.” Without a glance at the receptionist, Long Sihao carried Li Xiaoman into the VIP elevator.

By the moment the elevator door opened, there was already a server standing outside waiting for them.

The server looked at Long Sihao and said respectfully, “CEO Long, your Presidential Suite is ready.”

Long Sihao glanced at the server and carried Li Xiaoman into the Presidential Suite.

He headed straight to the bathroom and turned on the hot water for Li Xiaoman. He looked at her gently and said, “Shower first, and I’ll wait for you outside.”

Long Sihao lowered his head and left a kiss on Li Xiaoman’s lips before he walked out of the bathroom.

Li Xiaoman only regained her senses when she heard the bathroom door closing. She came to the hotel with him and they entered this room together, and he even carried her into this bathroom; everything happened too fast and she couldn’t understand what Long Sihao was doing.

She stood there stunned for a long time before she took off her clothes and sat into the bathtub.

Li Xiaoman bathed for a while before she got out the bathtub; and when she was putting on the bathrobe, her gaze fell upon her wrists covered in purple-green bruises, reminding her of Huo Yunxi.

Her gaze turned cold and her fists clenched together having remembered what he had done to her.

It was a long time before she finally stepped out of the bathroom.

Meanwhile Long Sihao had already finished showering in the other bathroom, and his bathrobe was loosely tied together. His chest was exposed to the air, emitting an attractive glow under the chandelier light.

He sat on the soft leather sofa holding a glass of red wine with two fingers and his eyes were alluring while he shook the glass of wine slowly in an elegant manner.

Without realizing, Li Xiaoman watched him for awhile as he looked seductive while his manners remained elegant.

Her long eyelashes trembled as she blinked her eyes, and she smiled lightly as she said, “Mr. Long, it’s late…”

“It is late, so let’s sleep!” Long Sihao said, interrupting her words. Long Sihao put down his glass of wine as he stood up and turned off the lights.

“Ah!…” Li Xiaoman screamed from the sudden darkness.

The next second, she felt that Long Sihao had grabbed her by her waist and pushed her onto the soft king-sized bed.

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