Chapter 132: He Said, She Didn’t Take Birth Control Pills

“Long… wha…” She was about to speak when her pink lips were seized by Long Sihao, his fiery kiss struck her like a tempest and engulfed every fiber of her being, leaving her unsure how to react.

Li Xiaoman struggled in vain before finally giving in to Long Sihao’s passionate kiss, which caused her to tremble despite herself, gradually overcoming her.

Her consciousness was eroded little by little until eventually she unconsciously wrapped her thin hands around his neck.

Because of the heat emitted from Sihao’s body, Li Xiaoman regained some of her senses.

Her delicate hands pressed back against Long Sihao’s strong chest, as she said in a gentle and hoarse voice, “Long… Long Sihao… no… we can’t do this…”

Her slender hands tried to resist Long Sihao, but she was unable to push him away.

Long Sihao clasped her fingers between his own and said in a deep voice, “Xiaoman, don’t refuse me.”

Li Xiaoman panicked and cried out, “Long Sihao…no…”

Long Sihao knitted his eyebrows in dismay, and said in a low and hoarse voice, “Xiaoman, we’re already at this point, and you still want to reject me?”

“I…” Li Xiaoman frowned deeply, then she immediately thought of something else, and asked, “Long Sihao, that day, did you feed me birth control pills or not? ”

After asking this, Li Xiaoman felt embarrassed and bit her lower lip. She stared nervously at him with her clear eyes. She could not see him in the pitch-black dark room, but she could feel the warmth of his stare looking at her.

Long Sihao didn’t expect her to ask him so suddenly. He paused briefly before looking at her intensely and pursing his lips before replying, “No.”

“What?” Li Xiaoman’s clear eyes widened, her panicked expression pierced through the darkness towards him.  She drew back her lips and said, “You… you really didn’t make me take a birth control pill”

“Silly girl, why would I give you birth control? When I say I didn’t, I mean it.” Long Sihao’s deep eyes held her in their gaze. His expression was gentle and passionate, and he spoke in a smooth, deep voice.

Upon hearing his reply, Li Xiaoman’s eyes widened and she once again stood stunned.

Long Sihao didn’t give me birth control pills, and I didn’t think to take them on my own. If that’s the case… could I be pregnant? Pregnant with Long Sihao’s child?

My God! This can’t be happening to me!

I haven’t gotten divorced yet. How could I become get pregnant with Long Sihao’s child?

“No way…” With a sudden force, she pushed Long Sihao away and sat down.

“Xiaoman, what’s wrong?” Seeing her push him away so suddenly, Long Sihao frowned and reached over to turn on the bedside lamp.

Under the dim light, Li Xiaoman’s eyebrows are tightly-knit, and her clear eyes were full of emotion.

Seeing that something was wrong, Long Sihao stroked her face with his slender hands. “What’s wrong? What happened?”

Li Xiaoman looked up at Long Sihao, her clear pupils narrowed and she said, “Why did you lie to me and said that I had taken birth control?”

Long Sihao deep eyes locked with hers. With a serious look and pursed lips, he said, “I don’t think you need them.”

“You…” Li Xiaoman glared at him angrily. She was furious.

Not only did he not give me birth control, he also lied about it!

Her eyes narrowed and she looked at him sharply. “What exactly are your intentions?”

“It’s already late, just go to sleep!” Long Sihao didn’t answer her. Instead, he stretched out his arms and pulled her towards him, making her lie down.

Li Xiaoman looked up at him angrily, but when she saw him with his eyes closed and his lips raised into a slight grin, his handsome face became even more charming under the orange light.

Li Xiaoman frowned. Right now, there is a handsome and charming man cuddling me as he falls asleep. I don’t get it –  how did this all come about?

I’m not so naive as to think that he actually likes me. After all, he is noble and refined, and I’m just an unlovable married woman.

Maybe he’s just being sympathetic or feels sorry for me, and just wants to cheer me up.

When this realization, Li Xiaoman felt a sudden pang of pain.

“Long… Long Sihao… let me go…” she quietly pleaded with Long Sihao, but she saw that he not only didn’t react, but he was also sleeping very soundly, his breathing steady in long, drawn-out breaths.

She narrowed her eyes and pushed at him. “Long Sihao…”

No matter how she pushed, she could not get away. No matter how much she struggled, she could not free herself from his embrace.

Finally, she gave up. With her negative thoughts, she fell asleep in his arms.

In any case, I’m married, he’s single. If anything, he’s the one that will suffer in the end.

She found a comfortable position and fell asleep in his arms, with a smile on his lips, and her slender hands hugged around his neck.


  • The next day –

Li Xiaoman opened her eyes, and Long Sihao’s handsome face appeared in front of her. At this moment, he was smiling, his eyes gazing at her passionately.

Li Xiaoman looked at him panickedly for several seconds before pushing herself away from him, rolling back the covers and getting out of bed.

As soon as she pulled the covers away, Long Sihao stood before her completely naked.

“Ah…” She screamed and immediately turned around, her lips slightly drawn. “Long Sihao, hurry up and put on your clothes!”

As soon as she said this, Long Sihao came from behind and hugged her tightly around her waist. His scented breath was like an invisible net, and she was firmly trapped. She suddenly felt as though she couldn’t escape.

“You…” Li Xiaoman gasped and her face grew red, her long eyelashes fluttered like a butterfly flapping its wings.

I shouldn’t be doing this with him anymore – based on our relationship, this kind of behavior isn’t appropriate.

No matter how Huo Yunxi treated her, she must act according to her own principles. She really didn’t want to sleep with another man before she got divorced.

No matter what, she could not compromise her basic standards.

She frowned and pushed him away with all her might.

She picked the bathrobe up off the floor and covered her body. She leaned over and said with a cold tone, “Long Sihao, if you want to flirt, please go find someone else. I really can’t afford to carry on like this, I don’t want people to say you compromised my marriage. Please stop acting so absurdly with me.”

After saying this, she was about to go to the bathroom when Long Sihao grabbed her delicate wrist.

“President Long, please let go!” Li Xiaoman glanced at the slender hand holding onto her wrist and looked up at Long Sihao. Her cold, narrow pupils shot him a chilly gaze which resembled piercing daggers.

Her stomach turned and her tone was distant. “President Long, I’m sorry! Let’s just end things here, okay? I really can’t do this.”

Long Sihao eyes narrowed slightly, and he let go of her hand. He looked at her intensely, his handsome face grew cold, and his slender hand held her chin. “You have truly proven yourself to be a good wife to Huo Yunxi. You’re not even afraid to die for him.”

After saying this, the expression in Long Sihao’s eyes grew heavy, his thin lips were drawn tight, his posture was stern and severe. He turned and put on his bathrobe in front of Li Xiaoman, and then left the bedroom.

Seeing him leave, Li Xiaoman eyebrows furrowed even more. It turned out he still remembered her shielding Huo Yunxi the night before. But she didn’t do it because of Huo Yunxi, but because of him. She did not want him to be responsible for killing Huo Yunxi.

What’s more, they were brothers. She couldn’t let them fight over her.

After standing still for a moment, she turned and entered the bathroom, only to discover clothes had been set out for her, all of them made by Chanel.

She furrowed her eyebrows even tighter. Why was Long Sihao so good to her?

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