Chapter 133: The Scumbag and the Slut Hit the Headlines (Part One)

Standing still for a moment, she turned around and entered the bathroom, only to see that inside there were clothes already prepared for her, all of them from Chanel.

She knitted her eyebrows even tighter. Why was Long Sihao so good to her?

She didn’t think that there was anything special about her that warranted such treatment. Therefore, he must be playing with her, or maybe he just felt sorry for her.


It was only after changing into her clothes and coming out of the bathroom that she remembered being forcibly taken away by Huo Yunxi the night before. She didn’t even get the chance to talk to Lin Momo. Afraid that she was worried, she immediately took out her mobile phone from her bag, which had been placed on the bedside table. Seeing the phone was turned off, she immediately turned it on and discovered that there were more than 80 missed calls and dozens of text messages.

The text messages were all from him, all of them asking her where she was.

Out of the 80-something telephone calls, besides three calls each from Lin Momo and Huo Yunxi’s grandfather, the rest were all from Huo Yunxi.

When she saw that Huo Yunxi’s grandfather had called three times, Li Xiaoman wrinkled her eyebrows and was about to go back. Coincidentally, Huo Yunxi’s grandfather Huo Yehong was also calling.

She froze for a moment before answering. “Grandfather…”

Huo Yehong’s resounding voice came through the line. “Xiaoman, what’s wrong with your cell phone? Come home right away.”

Huo Yehong’s tone of voice was a little angry, and as soon as he finished talking, he hung up.

As far as Li Xiaoman could remember, she had never heard Huo Yehong speak with such a harsh tone. What happened? Did Huo Yunxi say something to his grandfather?

Putting her cell phone away, she lowered her head and hurriedly ran outside the bedroom, only to run directly into a familiar embrace.

She bumped her nose into a muscular chest.

She frowned, then reached out and rubbed her nose, looking up and meeting Long Sihao’s deep eyes. His dark pupils were like a magnet, firmly holding her gaze.

At this moment, he was also smartly dressed, wearing a white silk shirt, no tie, unbuttoned collar, sexy and charming, with a handmade Armani khaki casual jacket, set off with his handsome body and grand demeanor.

With his stunning good looks and his whole being exuding a charismatic air, she could not help but look at him for a few more seconds.

She had to admit that Long Sihao really was the most perfect man in the world, but she didn’t think she was good enough to stand by his side.

She wouldn’t forget that she was married, even if she was divorced, she would be a divorcee. How could she be good enough for him?

She looked at him for several seconds, then stepped back and said, “I am sorry, it was an accident. I am in a hurry, so I’ll just go.”

Saying this, she was about to turn and walk past him when Long Sihao grabbed her by her thin wrist.

Seeing this, Li Xiaoman looked up at him and frowned. “Long Sihao, I am really in a hurry. Let me go.”

Long Sihao’s deep eyes narrowed slightly, and he looked at her with a deep gaze and pursed his lips. He asked in a deep voice, “Where are you going?”

Because of his slightly cold tone of voice, Li Xiaoman was taken aback. She inwardly composed herself and lifted her face to look at him. A slight grin appears on her lips. “I’m going home to the Huo Mansion, of course.”

After saying this, she began to bite her lower lip.

Long Sihao controlled his gaze and looked at her deeply, His big white hands caressed her beautiful little face, his thin lips tightened, and his deep, clear voice was without emotion. “I was just heading back, I’ll drop you off.”

With that, he pulled her hand and led her outside.

Seeing what was happening, Li Xiaoman raised her eyebrows at him. “Long Sihao, if you’re heading back that’s fine, but you don’t have to drop me off. It is not appropriate for us to go back together. What if… what if Huo Yunxi said something to his grandfather. If you go back with me, won’t people gossip?”

Long Sihao fixed her in his deep gaze, his white hand stroking her beautiful little face. He leaned in next to her ear and said in his deep voice, “This is just right. Take it easy. As long as I’m here, I will make sure nothing bad happens to you.”

After hearing this, Li Xiaoman stared at him for a moment as she felt emotion start to well up inside her. She would be lying if she said she wasn’t moved.

Why was he so good to her? Wasn’t he angry?

He dragged her along, and the two of them left the Dihua International Hotel straight away.


Sitting in the car, she gazed sideways at Long Sihao. She pursed her lips and asked, “Long Sihao, aren’t you angry with me?”

Long Sihao fixed her in his deep gaze and tightened his lips. “It doesn’t make sense for me to be angry with you if I’m trying to be good to you.”

Li Xiaoman looked up at him for a long time. Seeing him start the car, she lowered her eyes and asked in a tiny voice, “But why are you so good to me?”

She said this very quietly. To her surprise, he pulled her into his arms and whispered to her ear, “I have been wanting to be good to you for a long time.”

With this, Li Xiaoman stared at him again. Looking at the gentle contours of his beautiful face, his lips arching into a charming grin, a smile unconsciously appeared on her beautiful face.


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