Chapter 15: A Chance Encounter. “Are you here to Buy the Birth Control Pills?”

Then, a handsome tall man stepped out of the car. He was wearing a grey suit that hugged his muscular body perfectly. The white silk shirt with the dark grey checkered tie was a classic combination that matched elegantly on his figure. He looked like a king and carried himself with undeniable power.

The man was Long Sihao.

He ignored Lorry and walked into the pharmacy.

With his striking looks and charming noble presence, he captured everyone’s attention from the moment he stepped out of the car.

The pharmacy was one of the best in K City. If Lin Momo didn’t insist on coming here because of the excellent services they provided, Li Xiaoman wouldn’t come and purchase birth control pills at this popular place.

She felt ashamed and embarrassed. Her face had turned completely red, and she wished to dig a hole and hide in it.

When she was paying for the pills, the clerks of the pharmacy gasped and murmured to each other.

“Oh My God! What a handsome man…”

Lin Momo made the same comment. “Wow! He’s gorgeous! Manman, look at that guy. I think he’s more handsome than Huo Yunxi!”

Hearing Lin Momo, Li Xiaoman took a quick peek at the man who was causing this uproar. Then, their gazes locked.

Li Xiaoman’s eyes widened instantly. This man’s beautiful and familiar face awakened her memory of the night in the hotel.

It was him; he was the one whom she had a one-night stand with.

What a coincidence! What were the odds? How could this happen here at this moment? Just when she was trying to buy birth control pills!

One couldn’t avoid their enemies, but they were not enemies! Why would they cross each other’s path again?

Li Xiaoman’s face turned pale and then red. Her fingers shook and she dropped the birth control pills on the floor.

Lin Momo turned around and saw Li Xiaoman dropping the pills on the floor. She picked up the pills and said. “Manman, I know he’s very handsome, but you have to calm down. You were so excited that you almost threw away your birth control pills!”

Birth Control Pills; these words made Li Xiaoman’s face burn hotly. She took the pills from Lin Momo’s hand and dragged her to get out of the pharmacy.

When Li Xiaoman walked past Long Sihao to the exit, a firm hand grabbed her wrist.

Stunned, she looked at the hand; it was a strong and beautiful hand.

She raised her head and met the deep and thoughtful gaze from Long Sihao. As he looked at the birth control pills in her hand, she pulled her hand away from him nervously to hide the pills behind her back.

She asked nonchalantly, “Excuse me?”

Long Sihao’s eyes narrowed slightly as they watched her nervous move. His sexy lips pressed together lightly, and he spoke with a deep but clear voice, “Did you buy the birth control pills?”

He spoke softly without any emotions.

Li Xiaoman tensed up and held her breath as a feeling of uneasiness washed over her. She tried to lie with a straight face. “No. I didn’t buy any birth control pills!”

Long Sihao looked at her with his dazzling eyes which could easily hypnotize anyone.

His lips closed slightly. “So, they gave you the wrong pills?”

He turned around with a cold expression, exuding authority and intimidation. “Who is the manager?”

“I… I am the manager,” a woman of about thirty years answered timidly. She looked at this handsome and powerful man anxiously.

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