Chapter 150: Trust Me, I’m Serious About You (Part One)

Li Xiaoman noticed how many people were crowding around them, those people surrounded them like human walls. She looked at Long Sihao with anxious eyes, and she couldn’t push him away because her wrists were being held by his hands. Her lips were possessed by his domineering kiss, making it hard for her to speak.

“Um… Long… Long Sihao… Let go…”

Broken, breathless moans came from her lips.

Long Sihao suckled her tongue as if trying to devour her, his tongue filling every inch of her mouth.

He kept kissing her until she was about to suffocate, then he retrieved his lips from hers and stared into her eyes with a sharp yet somber gaze. When she was fighting to gasp for air, he moved his lips to her ear and nibbled her earlobe. “Do you still think I’m fake and disgusting?”

Li Xiaoman looked around at the people surrounding them, they were staring at her and Long Sihao with shock, which made her extremely angry and embarrassed.

She looked at him with cold eyes and chided, “Long Sihao, you stupid b-----d, are you crazy?”

How dare he kiss her in public in front of all these people. It was bad enough that there were gossips about her and Long Sihao having an affair, but now, there was nothing she could do to clear her reputation.

How was she supposed to stay in TE, or better yet, stay in K City?

The savage lines on Long Sihao’s face grew cold and harsh as his somber gaze fixated on her. He tightened his lips as a tinge of iciness appeared in his normally sonorous voice. “Xiaoxiao, if you don’t get in the car right now, I’ll do something even more insane.”

“You…” Li Xiaoman’s heart skipped a beat. She looked up at a pair of ink-black eyes and the devastating storm inside them. Her eyes lowered to avoid his gaze. “Fine. I’ll get in the car,” she whispered coldly.

Now that she agreed, Long Sihao gave her one final death stare, then straightened his body and pulled the car door open and waited for her to climb in. He closed the door and climbed in the driver seat. He started the car and headed out, ignoring anything or anyone in his way.

Li Xiaoman was having cold sweats from anxiety. Thankfully, those random people who were in their way all managed to avoid this vehicle coming towards them, some people even tripped and fell from moving so fast.

After Long Sihao’s car had driven off a good distance, people finally came to realization and started to gossip like fishwives.

“I thought president Long was voluntarily celibate? I can’t believe he just kissed that woman so passionately… Wah… I’m heartbroken, that is one lucky woman!”

“Ah… My dream man! How could he kiss another woman?” some fangirl howled desperately.

“So that Li Xiaoman really was having an affair with our president. It’s only been a short while since she started working at TE, and she already hooked up with the president?” an employee in the TE design department said spitefully.

“Exactly! Is she really his secret lover?”

“Who does she think she is? President Long is our legend, how can an ordinary woman like her be a match for him?

Li Xiaoman noticed that they had left the TE building and turned her gaze to Long Sihao. “Cut the crap and talk, President Long. If you don’t have anything to say to me, then please stop the car. I’m getting off.”

Long Sihao’s hands tightened around the steering wheel at the cold tone of her voice, so much that the veins on the back of his hands were popping out. His handsome face had a shadow of gloom.

“Do you really have to speak to me like this, Xiaoxiao? Can I interpret it as you still care about me?”

Then, he stopped the car and gripped her jaw with his broad hand. His almond-shaped black eyes bore into her eyes, not letting go of any microexpression.

His sharp gaze was penetrating, piercing into the bottom of her soul.

Li Xiaoman faced his intimidating gaze and curved her swollen lips into a sneer. “How should I speak to a fake and disgusting piece of crap, President Long?” Her voice was so cold that it sounded like it was coming from the north pole.

His eyes were in pain at the sight of the sneer on her lips. The apathy and hatred in her words were like an extremely sharp knife slicing his heart into pieces, making it hard for him to breathe.

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