Chapter 151: The condition, Young Master Long Forced Sir Huo (Part One)

Li Xiaoman glared at him dismissively and raised her eyebrows. “Thus, your explicit photos got exposed because you broke up?”

Hearing that she mentioned the explicit photos, Huo Yunxi clenched his fists and looked livid. He didn’t know who exposed those photos. However, if he found out who did it, he would not let go of that person.

Thinking of how he and Xia Lin were besieged by the reporters this morning, he ground his teeth with hatred. He had to find out who exposed those photos by all possible means.

He couldn’t figure out where his and Xia Lin’s explicit photos came from.

Did it mean that someone snapped photos of them?

He frowned and stared at Li Xiaoman with guilt. “Manman, I’m sorry! I won’t…”

“Enough!” Hearing the words “I’m sorry”, she thought of Long Sihao and rage started to seethe within her. Why are all men b*stards? 

Not to mention Huo Yunxi, why was Long Sihao also that kind of person?

High expectations led to great disappointment! That was why she reacted strongly and felt disgusted when she saw another woman staying extremely close to Long Sihao.

Even if nothing had happened between that woman and Long Sihao, she couldn’t bear it.

A string of powerful rage seethed within her chest, burning her.

Ignoring Huo Yunxi, she passed through the hall and went straight upstairs to Huo Yehong’s room.

At the moment, Huo Yehong had already woken up and was leaning on the headboard. Long Sihao stood at the bedside as Li Xuehe stood on the other end.

“Grandpa…” Seeing that Huo Yehong aged enormously overnight, Li Xiaoman was almost blinded by tears. She walked towards him and asked worriedly, “Grandpa, are you feeling better now?”

Seeing Li Xiaoman come, Huo Yehong put a gracious smile on his aged face and said in a weak voice, “Manman, don’t worry! Grand… Grandpa is fine. Grandpa just… so irritated that I spat out some blood and fainted. After taking some rest… I will feel better.”

Hearing that Huo Yehong spat out blood and fainted out of rage, Huo Yunxi, who followed Li Xiaoman into the room, narrowed his eyes that were filled with guilt. He knew it was him who made Grandpa’s blood boil.

If he didn’t get involved in scandals, the stocks of the Huo Corporation wouldn’t have suffered such severe fluctuations and hit the decline limit. If the stocks continued to drop, the Huo Corporation would face the biggest crisis ever. 

Grandpa devoted his entire life to the Huo Corporation. If he ruined it, he would feel guilty for the rest of his life.

He let his grandpa down! He let Li Xiaoman down as well!

He shouldn’t have responded to Xia Lin last night. Now he couldn’t be more regretful.

He looked up at Huo Yehong and said with guilt, “Grandpa, I’m sorry!”

Huo Yehong stared disappointedly at Huo Yunxi for a while and sighed deeply. Then he turned to look at Long Sihao. “Sihao, now… the stocks of the Huo Corporation are fluctuating violently. They even reached the daily decline limit today. Several major clients… had terminated their cooperation with the Huo Corporation, and some of our largest shareholders withdrew their investments. Could… could you help Grandpa… help Yunxi revitalize the Huo Corporation and get through this crisis?”     

Hearing the words, Li Xiaoman frowned. She didn’t expect that the Huo Corporation would encounter such a great crisis.

She looked up at Long Sihao subconsciously. Grandpa begged him like this, so if he didn’t agree, he would really let Grandpa down.

Long Sihao narrowed his dark eyes and gazed at Li Xiaoman deeply. Then, he profoundly stared at Huo Yehong and pressed his thin lips. “Grandpa, I can promise you to help the Huo Corporation to overcome the crisis; but you have to grant me a condition.”

Hearing that he mentioned the condition, Li Xiaoman stared at him again. She looked straight into his dark gaze which was as deep as a vortex giving her an illusion that she would be sucked into his gaze.

She looked away quickly, but deep down, she felt worried. Somehow, she believed that his condition was about her.

Huo Yehong gazed at Long Sihao profoundly for a while and then asked, “Sihao, what is the condition… you want… Grandpa to grant for you to help… the Huo Corporation?”

Long Sihao pressed his thin lips and glanced at Huo Yunxi indifferently. Then he stared at Huo Yehong and said in a low voice, “I want Grandpa to permit their divorce.”

Obviously, he referred to Li Xiaoman and Huo Yunxi.

 “What? Sihao, you… want Grandpa to agree for Manman and Yunxi to get a divorce?” Huo Yehong didn’t expect that Long Sihao would propose that condition, and he stared at Long Sihao surprisingly.

Li Xuehe and Li Xiaoman were both shocked by Long Sihao’s condition.

Li Xuehe always wanted Li Xiaoman and her son, Huo Yunxi, to get a divorce. Thus, she couldn’t agree with his condition more.

The only thing she didn’t understand was why he brought up this condition.

Li Xiaoman also stared at Long Sihao with astonishment and her bright eyes filled with complex emotions.

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