Chapter 154: The Shocking, Unexpected Truth (Part One)

“Scumbag Huo, let Xiaoman go.” Lin Momo glared at Huo Yunxi furiously. She charged forward and tried to push him away, but he held onto Li Xiaoman tightly and didn’t let go.

Seeing this, Lin Momo pointed her finger at Huo Yunxi and screamed at him,  “Scumbag Huo, you let go of Xiaoman and spare us your crocodile tears. Apologizing after you’ve already beaten her up! You really make me sick!  When you hit a woman, you are worse than an animal!”

Hearing Lin Momo’s curses, Huo Yunxi’s expression grew cold, and he glared at her fiercely. He shouted angrily, “Enough, Lin Momo. This is a matter between husband and wife. You have no place interfering.”

With this, he picked up Li Xiaoman and got ready to leave.

From behind, a piercingly cold voice that sounded as if it came straight from hell boomed forth.

“Let her go!

Before Huo Yunxi could even turn around, a handsome figure bolted in front of him and snatched Li Xiaoman from his arms.

By the time he could react, Li Xiaoman was already in Long Sihao’s arms.

When Huo Yunxi, who was already angry, saw that Long Sihao had actually shown up, the fury in his heart grew stronger and stronger.

His eyes were red, his expression was cold, his face was pale, his hands were clenched, and with a rattling voice, he screamed, “Long Sihao, how dare you show your face.”

He immediately lunged at Long Sihao and Li Xiaoman with anger. Seeing this, Lin Momo stepped in front of him and blocked his way, glaring at him with anger and disgust.

“Scumbag Huo, what else are you going to do? You’d better get lost. Otherwise, I’m going to call the police.”

Long Sihao ignored Huo Yunxi, staring instead at Li Xiaoman, who was passed out in his arms. Seeing her disheveled hair, her red and swollen face, her lips still bleeding, and looking battered and exhausted, his heart seized.

It was all his fault. He should not have left her. if he hadn’t gone into the office, this would have never happened.

“Xiaoman…” He looked at her, his eyes filled with pain, and he bent over and planted a kiss on her forehead before picking her up and placing her on the hospital bench.

He reached out and gently stroked her disheveled hair, focusing his distressed gaze onto her. “Xiaoman, wait for me for a moment.”

Saying this, he let Lin Momo take care of her, then turned around and glared fiercely at Huo Yunxi. He tightly gripped his big white hands, and the expression on his face was cold and filled with outrage. A storm thundered in his eyes, and his body exuded a penetrating chill, as if he was going to tear Huo Yunxi to pieces.

His thin lips tightened menacingly, and his cold voice sounded like death itself. “Huo Yunxi, how dare you lay your hands on Xiaoman. I will send you straight to hell!”

Huo Yunxi glared fiercely at Long Sihao, gripping both his fists tightly. The blue veins on his forehead suddenly bulged out, and with a pale face, he shouted angrily, “Long Sihao, how dare you show your face! What right do you have to interfere with me and my wife’s affairs? Huh?”

After shouting this, like a beast let out of its cage, he clenched his fists and began swinging at Long Sihao.

Seeing Huo Yunxi’s crazed attack, Long Sihao’s gaze became stern and he pursed his lips with disdain. In a flash, he rushed in front of Huo Yunxi and squarely caught his fist mid-punch, squeezing with force. Huo Yunxi winced in pain.

“Long Sihao…” His red eyes looked at Long Sihao, and with a roar, he sent a kick in his direction.

Seeing his kick, Long Sihao pursed his thin lips into a determined arc, and his eyes grew cold. He dodged the attack agilely, and before Huo Yunxi could react, he used his long legs to kick Huo Yunxi mercilessly in the lower abdomen.

“Uhh…” Huo Yunxi grunted with pain, and glared at Long Sihao like a vicious beast.

Once again, before he could get close, Long Sihao caught him by the neck and grabbed his face with his big hands.

He glared fiercely at Long Sihao and roared, “Long Sihao, I’m not convinced you will defeat me.”

Just as he was getting ready to strike, Long Sihao gripped Huo Yunxi’s neck and forced him down to the ground.

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