Chapter 155: Question, Why Did You Lie to Me? (Part One)

Li Xiaoman didn’t answer Lin Momo and instead looked towards Long Sihao with a complicated  expression, her eyebrows tightly-knit, while gripping the ultrasound report in her hand.After hesitating for a long time, she asked in a hoarse voice, “On the night of the hotel, did you… did you actually touch me?”

“Xiaoman…” Long Sihao stepped forward, pulled her into his arms and placed his chin on her forehead. His narrow eyes looked at her deeply and tenderly. “Xiaoman, even if the child isn’t mine, as long as you are willing, I will treat it as if it were my own. As long as it’s your child, it is also mine.”

Li Xiaoman squinted her clear eyes, then suddenly pushed him away with force. Looking at him with an indifferent gaze, she grinned coldly as her eyes became misty, and the tears began to fall. “He he… Long Sihao, you’re just a big liar. You b-----d, why are you lying to me? You didn’t touch me at all, isn’t that right? I thought we had a one night stand, and that I was carrying your child. In the end, it was all one-sided. You must have been secretly ridiculing me! I am Li Xiaoman, the world’s biggest joke, being egged on by all of you… why would you do this to me? Why?”

Towards the end, Li Xiaoman’s voice was choked with sobs. She thrusted the ultrasound report towards Long Sihao, then cried as she ran outside the hospital.

“Xiaoman…” Upon seeing this, Long Sihao frowned deeply, and he immediately ran to catch up with her. He stopped her and pulled her into his arms. Patting her back, he said in a deep voice, “Xiaoman, even if the child isn’t mine, I will treat him as if I were his birth father.”

Hearing this, Li Xiaoman looked up at him, picked up her fists and began hitting his chest. She cried and said, “B-----d… b-----d… Why did you lie to me? B-----d…”

Long Sihao let her hit him, and gently held her tiny face with his big hand. He leaned down and tried to gently kiss away her tears, looking at her with a pained heart. “You can hit and curse, but no more crying. It’s not good for the child.”

Li Xiaoman paused briefly, her eyes staring at him with anger. “It’s not even your child. What do you care?”

She bit down hard on her lower lip and glared at him with resentment. She didn’t tell him that she wasn’t even pregnant.

She let him lie to her for so long. Was it that much fun to play tricks on her?

It caused her to create such a big mess.

When she thought about the astonished look on the female doctor’s face that examined her, she wanted to die of embarrassment.

The doctor must have thought she was a psychopath! Or at least a naive simpleton that actually thought they needed to do an ultrasound exam?

It was all his fault. He caused her to make a fool of herself.

Long Sihao saw Li Xiaoman staring at him with resentment in her eyes. His handsome eyebrows were deeply wrinkled, and his narrow eyes were locked on her. His gaze was profound and he lightly stroked her face with his big hand. “Xiaoman, I’m sorry! Had I known that because I didn’t touch you that night it would make you so disappointed, I would not have passed up such a good opportunity.”

“You…” Hearing this, Li Xiaoman was so mad she wanted to spit blood. Even then, he still wanted to make fun of her.

At this time, Lin Momo walked over holding Li Xiaoman’s ultrasound report. She looked at her with surprise. “Xiaoman, you’re not pregnant. What is going on? Didn’t the pregnancy test come back as positive?”

Hearing Lin Momo reveal that she was not pregnant, Li Xiaoman frowned tightly as she thought it was too late to cover her friend’s mouth.

“Xiaoman isn’t pregnant?” Hearing what Lin Momo had said, Long Sihao squinted his narrow eyes and took the ultrasound report from her hands. He examined it carefully, then looking blankly at Li Xiaoman, a flame burst in the depth of his eyes. “Xiaoman, why didn’t you tell me you weren’t pregnant?”

Li Xiaoman looked at him coldly for a moment, ignoring him.

Seeing this, Long Sihao picked her up horizontally, looking at her with concern. “Xiaoman, are you hurt anywhere else? I’m taking you to see a doctor.”

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