Chapter 156: It feels good to sleep with him by her side (Part One)

How was she supposed to react to the first time someone confessed his love to her? Especially when this person was a gorgeous, amazing man like him?

Right now her emotions were very complicated; she was confused, stunned, nervous…

The side of her face that just got slapped was burning hot.

The aura surrounding them were becoming more and more sensual, making it hard for Li Xiaoman to breathe. She looked up at Long Sihao with anxious eyes. “I… I want to use the bathroom.”

She stood up and walked a few steps before she heard Long Sihao’s voice from her back. “Xiaoxiao, stop running away from me.”

As she heard him, Li Xiaoman paused a little and stood there without turning around.

A second later, she felt something tighten around her waist. Long Sihao hugged her from her back.

She frowned and tried to pry at his hands. “Long Sihao, don’t.”

Long Sihao turned her body around and deeply stared into her with his cat-like eyes. “Xiaoxiao, take it slow, try to face me, accept me, let me be your shoulder to cry on, and let me be your pillar against the world. Open your heart to me and let me in.”

Li Xiaoman was shocked by his words. She stood there, stunned and her pupils dilated, looking at him with dazed eyes.

What a day she had. First, she had gotten slapped by Huo Yunxi, which made her want to die. Now a handsome man like Long Sihao had just confessed his love for her, and that took her to cloud nine.

First hell, then heaven. Her heart couldn’t take it anymore.

She looked up at Long Sihao and frowned. “Long Sihao, so much had happened today, you… you have to let me think, okay?”

Long Sihao looked at her as he walked towards her. He lowered his body and lifted her up with his arms despite her cry of protest.

They sat down at the sofa again. He let her sit on his lap and applied some anti-inflammatory ointment on her face.

When his calloused fingers softly grazed and rubbed against her face, she felt ripples of love in her heart.

His fingers were so hot, and that made her face burn.

Her ruddy, swollen cheeks turned even redder after the ointment was applied.

Long Sihao narrowed his eyes and looked at her crimson face. “Your face is even redder than before. Xiaoxiao, are you allergic to something in the ointment, or…”

He grinned and murmured beside her ear. “Are you shy?”

“You’re shy.” Li Xiaoman glowered at him and got off from his lap.

A second later, Long Sihao pulled her to his chest again.

She didn’t smash into him too hard, but Li Xiaoman’s heart almost tore from her chest when she fell into his chest. Her heart was pounding so fast, was it possible to die from heart failure if her heart kept on pounding like that?

She was unreasonably nervous. Long Sihao’s deep and hoarse voice came from the top of her head. “Xiaoxiao, your heart is beating so fast.”

She gasped, then tilted her head up and saw Long Sihao’s gleaming dark eyes. The strong sensuality in his eyes was like a billowing storm that was going to engulf her.

His burning, passionate gaze made Li Xiaoman tremble; she felt like she was about to be devoured alive by him.

She tried to mask her anxiety and calmed her tone. “Long… Long Sihao, I… I’m a little tired now. I… I want to sleep.”

Albeit her tone was calm and even, her stutter was a dead giveaway of how nervous and paranoid she was.

Long Sihao grabbed her hand, his thumb lightly touching the palm of her hand. He lifted his fiery eyes and murmured with his sexy baritone, “I’ll go with you.”

Li Xiaoman’s pupils dilated instantly as she shook her head. “No, thanks. I… I prefer sleeping alone.”

Long Sihao’s gaze softened as he looked at her with his ink-black cat eyes. “I prefer sleeping with someone. I guarantee you’ll like it too if you ever ‘sleep’ with me.”

He deliberately emphasized the word “sleep,” making it sound naughtier than it really was.

Li Xiaoman’s heart beat even faster after she heard what he said, almost jumping out from her throat. She glowered at him angrily, “Long Sihao…”

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