Chapter 16: The Awkward Medicine Purchase

Long Sihao’s ink-black eyes narrowed, and the coldness in his eyes was as sharp as a sword. His voice was soft yet cold. “Someone gave her the wrong medicine. Will you take full responsibility if there are any issues with this?”

After the manager heard the complaint, she turned around and looked at the sales associates and pharmacists angrily. “Who gave the wrong medicine for this lady?”

“I didn’t give the wrong medicine. This lady did indeed say she wanted birth control pills,” a female sales associate wearing the pharmacy’s uniform said after glancing at the handsome yet intimidating man and the manager.

Li Xiaoman wanted to bite her tongue and commit suicide right now. She was dying of awkwardness, and she could not believe something like this was unfolding before her.

She didn’t want people to know that she was here for birth control pills, but now everyone in the pharmacy knew.

She narrowed her eyes and glanced at Long Sihao. Why did her buying pills have anything to do with him? It shouldn’t be his problem even if she did get the wrong medicine.

“Mister, let me worry about whether I bought the wrong medicine or not. This has nothing to do with you; don’t worry about it,” she said in a soft voice, but a hint of anger could be heard.

She glanced at Lin Momo who was sizing her up with questioning eyes and said in a low voice, “Momo, let’s go.”

Long Sihao narrowed his dark eyes and looked at Li Xiaoman’s slim back.

“You already took the birth control pill,” he said with his sexy, deep voice.

Li Xiaoman froze. She paused for a second and pulled Lin Momo out of the pharmacy quickly.

What did he mean? Did he already feed her birth control pill after what they did?

The two of them walked for a while, then Lin Momo crossed her arms in front of her chest and narrowed her eyes at Li Xiaoman.

“Manman, be honest; did you have the one night stand with that handsome man in the pharmacy?” she asked.

Li Xiaoman raised her head and looked at Lin Momo; her delicate face turned redder.

Lin Momo cut her off just as she was about to deny it.

“Manman, I am your best friend; I am never going to talk to you again if you hide this from me!”

Li Xiaoman saw the anger on Lin Momo’s face; she nodded and said, “It’s him.”

“Oh! My God!” Lin Momo gasped and then said to her with a smile, “ManMan, you were so lucky; that man is so handsome and has such an amazing presence. You aren’t losing out on anything by having a one night stand with him, so stop stressing over this! Since you gave your first time to that man, you should divorce Huo Yunxi as soon as possible and marry him instead. Doesn’t Huo Yunxi want to divorce you anyway?”

Li Xiaoman’s lips twitched as she heard Lin Momo’s words.

At the same time, her phone rang from her bag. She took it out and noticed that it wasl from Huo Yunxi’s grandpa.

Li Xiaoman respected Huo Yunxi’s grandpa since he always treated her like his own granddaughter.

“Hello, Grandpa,” Li Xiaoman said calmly with a smile on her exquisite face.

“Manman, tell me the truth! Did Yunxi bring another woman home on your one-year anniversary?” Huo Yehong’s voice carried a hint of anger through the phone.

Even though Li Xiaoman hated what Huo Yunxi had done, she really didn’t want Huo Yehong to get mad over issues between her and Huo YuanXi.

Huo Yehong was about to turn 70, and his health was deteriorating. Therefore, she hid this issue from him because she didn’t want him to fall ill over it.

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