Chapter 17: Rage, Disgusted Upon Hearing Your Name

Li Xiaoman spoke softly, “Grandpa, who told you that? He didn’t bring back another woman that day.”

Huo Yehong didn’t pursue the topic. “Manman, come home tonight with Yunxi.”

Li Xiaoman’s brows pinched together. “Grandpa, did something happen?”

“Manman, Yunxi’s older brother is back from overseas, and he’ll be coming home tonight. Come home with Yunxi.”

Huo Yehong then hung up the phone.

His elder brother? Li Xiaoman thought, still holding the phone.

She didn’t quite remember Huo Yunxi’s older brother. All she knew was that he had left the country after that kidnapping incident about ten years ago.

Even after ten years, Li Xiaoman still felt scared when recalling that kidnapping incident

It was also around that time when Huo Yunxi started to avoid her and treat her coldly.

But about a year ago, when she almost lost hope in Huo Yunxi, he suddenly proposed to her. Li Xiaoman didn’t agree at first, and she accepted it after his grandpa Huo Yehong came and talked to her. He told her something and asked her to keep it a secret.

Strictly speaking, it wasn’t Huo Yunxi who was forced into the marriage but her.

Although it was Grandpa Huo who forced her to marry Huo Yunxi, it had been her wish to marry Huo Yunxi anyways.

Li Xiaoman thought that after they married, Huo Yunxi would return to who he had been before. She waited for him; no matter how many scandals he had, she believed in him.

However, after having seen him and Xia Lin together with her own eyes, she couldn’t take it anymore, especially after he planned the hotel night and caused her to lose her virginity to a stranger. She had lost all hopes for him. Her heart was broken.

Li Xiaoman looked at Lin Momo awkwardly and said, “Momo, I have to go. Grandpa wants me to return to the Huo Manor tonight.”

“Great. You can tell Grandpa Huo everything Huo Yunxi did, and let him speak for you.”

Li Xiaoman shook her head and looked at Lin Momo. “Momo, I can’t tell Grandpa Huo just yet. I worry for his health; it’ll get worse if I tell him.”

“Manman, you’re too soft-hearted,” Lin Momo said as she looked at Li Xiaoman with disapproval. “If I were you, I wouldn’t care this much.”

Li Xiaoman returned to Jade Garden after she said goodbye to Lin Momo.

Unexpectedly, she got a phone call from Huo Yunxi.

His voice sounded even more emotionless on the phone, “Li Xiaoman, you told Grandpa everything? I was right about you being a devious woman. Did you think that I would break up with Linlin because Grandpa said so? Do you think I would fall in love with you after? In your dreams.”

“I…” Li Xiaoman didn’t even get to speak before Huo Yunxi hung up the phone.

Li Xiaoman gripped her phone tightly as she stared at it with anger. She covered for him because she was worried about Grandpa’s health. Yet, before he knew about the whole situation, he phoned her and accused her like this.

She rarely phoned Huo Yunxi, but she couldn’t hold it in this time and called him back. Before Huo Yunxi had a chance to speak, she said in rage. “Huo Yunxi, I am ‘devious’ like you said. I was ‘devious’ enough to cover for you and not tell Grandpa about the horrible things that you did to me. Before our one-year anniversary, I did have hope for you to treat me nicely. But now, I feel disgusted upon hearing your name. I hope you get this clear: we don’t belong together because I’m human and you’re an animal. But that’s why you and Xia Lin are truly meant for each other. So why would I want to separate you two? In all sincerity, I hope that you two can be with each other forever.”

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