Chapter 18: An object of ridicule! What do you want?

Li Xiaoman and ended the call after the harsh tongue-lashing.

It only took a second before Huo Yunxi called again, but she rejected it.

The phone rang again, and she rejected it again.

Huo Yunxi made a total of five calls, and Li Xiaoman rejected each one of them. Then she turned off her phone.

Huo Yunxi tried to reach Li Xiaoman while sitting in his CEO office, but all of his calls got rejected, and then she turned her phone off. He was so furious that he almost threw his phone onto the floor.

Xia Lin was sitting beside him and saw his livid face, but she couldn’t figure out why he was so mad.

“Yunxi, what happened? Does Grandpa know that we’re together now? Xiaoman knows that Grandpa is not in a good shape, and yet she still told him about our affair, what was she thinking? Is she trying to give him a heart attack? Why is she so cruel? Yunxi, I think… maybe we should break up! I don’t want to… ruin your relationship with your Grandpa again like a year ago! You guys were at each other’s throats just a year ago! I don’t want Grandpa to get angry; it’s not good for his health at his age… Maybe I’m just not lucky enough to be with you…”

Xia Lin started to cry as she talked.

Huo Yunxi’s heart ached as he saw Xia Lin’s suffering, and his eyes softened. He held her in his arms and spoke gently, “Linlin, don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Xia Lin looked at him with watery eyes. “Yunxi, Sister Xiaoman is very manipulative. I’m afraid she’ll ask Grandpa for help, and then Grandpa will force you to leave me, just like what happened last year. Yunxi, I love you so much, I… I don’t want to leave you.”

Huo Yunxi bent his head to kiss away her tears and said firmly, “Linlin, I will not listen to my Grandpa anymore. I will never leave you for the rest of my life. I love you!”

Xia Lin smiled and threw her arms around his neck, then kissed him passionately.

Huo Yunxi kissed her and carried her into the lounge in his office, and they started making love on the large sofa bed.

Li Xiaoman waited until dark in the mansion, but Huo Yunxi never showed up. She was a little bit disappointed, but she no longer felt the pain in her heart. If someone broke your heart completely, you wouldn’t feel pain anymore.

Xiaoman picked up her bag and walked downstairs and was surprised to see Huo Yunxi there.

Li Xiaoman was dressed in a black mini skirt with a tight white top that revealed her sexy curves. The black stockings on her long legs gave out an irresistible temptation, while her silky smooth hair gave her a youthful look. Her delicate eyelashes were long and thick to draw attention to her sparkling eyes, which were as deep as the ocean and glowing brightly under the stars. Her crimson-colored lips looked extraordinarily desirable and kissable.

Huo Yunxi had never looked at her so closely since they got married, but tonight, he suddenly found her strikingly attractive.

He looked at her contemptuously with his cold eyes and said cynically, “Li Xiaoman, you are manipulative. You knew I’d be here tonight, and you dressed yourself like this. Are you trying to seduce me? What a b*tch!”

Li Xiaoman felt nothing but rage. She dressed up nicely so that Grandpa wouldn’t notice anything wrong with her.

Huo Yunxi was so full of himself.

She sneered at him and walked up to him. Putting a hand on his shoulder, she leaned toward him slowly until her full lips were close to his ear.

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