Chapter 19: Driver Huo, You’re Only Worth this Price

It was a scent that only belonged to her, it followed her and filled Huo Yunxi’s nostrils.

He paused for a second, his cold but charming eyes tensing up as they followed Li Xiaoman as she leaned closer and closer to him.

Li Xiaoman’s light pink and moist lips came close to his ears, her voice soft. “Don’t be so confident, Huo Yunxi, I am not interested in a public bus that anyone could take, or someone who could win an Oscars for being cheap. Listen to me closely, what I wear is none of your business. You have already lost the right to ask me to do anything for you, and seducing you is a waste of my brain cells.”

Li Xiaoman looked at him calmly, and then suddenly, she kneed him in his belly.

“Ugh… you…” Huo Yunxi grunted, looking angrily at Li Xiaoman.

But Li Xiaoman took the opportunity when he was bent over to walk past him and sling her bag behind her, hitting Huo Yunxi’s handsome face, right on his nose coincidentally.

“Li Xiaoman…” Huo Yunxi shouted angrily with a livid face.

Li Xiaoman glanced at him, her lips curving up. Then, she walked out of the lobby without looking back.

Huo Yunxi followed her and grabbed her delicate wrist just as she left the lobby.

Li Xiaoman squinted at him with cold eyes. “What are you doing?”

Huo Yunxi stared at her, his eyes red with anger and his voice cold. “If Linlin didn’t tell me to come to pick you up, did you really think I would come back? Linlin is so kind and generous, how could she have a sister as sly as you?”

After Li Xiaoman heard the nice things he said about Xia Lin, she felt like vomitting. She really had no idea what standards Huo Yunxi used to judge if someone was kind or evil.

He definitely saw people under a different light; were his eyes on the soles of his feet?

Huo Yunxi dragged Li Xiaoman to his car and pushed her onto the backseat.

The Huo Mansion was located halfway up the hill on the east side of K City. With towering trees standing on the sides of the flat road, the luxurious big house had a huge place with a clear lake, a lush garden, and even a huge mountain behind the manor. The environment was very beautiful and classy.

The black Bentley drove into the Huo Mansion, Li Xiaoman got out of the car first. She took a 1 yuan bill out of her wallet and walked to the driver’s side, stuffing it into Huo Yunxin’s hand as he got out of the car.

Huo Yunxi’s cold eyes widened when he saw what was happening, he was confused so he looked at Li Xiaoman and asked, “What do you mean by this?”

Li Xiaoman raised her pretty eyebrows and smiled. “Chauffeur Huo, this is the fare I am paying. This is not much, but this is the price you are worth.”

She turned around gracefully and slung back the bag in her hand, hitting Huo Yunxi’s handsome face again. She then walked towards the lobby of the manor without looking back.

Huo Yunxi held the 1 yuan bill and stared at Li Xiaoman angrily with his cold eyes. His gaze sharpened, as he thought about going up to her and throttling her to death.

He was only worth 1 yuan? How come he never noticed how annoying this woman was before? She was definitely faking it when she had acted soft and meek; she was definitely shrewd.

Li Xiaoman and Huo Yunxi walked into the lobby separately and saw Huo Yehong, Huo Yunxi’s grandpa, coming down the stairs. With him came down a handsome man that Li Xiaoman wouldn’t have dreamt of seeing at the Huo Manor.

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